Monday, 23 May 2011

Colour Brick Complete!

Well here it is - the finished quilt for my nephew:

Front (that's me, bottom right!)

Back - hubbie did well to battle the winds we've had today!

I went with a single quilting line down through the 'mortar', rather than two as per the original pattern.  I wasn't confident about the fabric I'd put on the back staying 'pucker-free' with two lines close together, so I chickened out and just did the one line.

Pic is a bit dark, sorry.  The buttons have designer names on them which B should appreciate!
My nephew is a trendy, stylish (soon to be 13) guy, so I know he'll appreciate the designer elements of the quilts, not to mention the fab, bright colours which he likes.

This was my first time using the colour brick pattern, but I really enjoyed it and would like to do it again in a completely different colourway.

If you fancy having a go yourself, there's a great step by step tutorial here by Stitched in Colour. Also, you can see lots of other colour brick quilts here in Flickr (you will need to look through the pages as they are intermingled with Bottled Rainbows Blocks).

Next project? Something small I think!


  1. Yep, as expected it's totally fab! I love the stripe on the back too..

  2. Love it! Hubbie very lucky not to take off in today's storms!

  3. Fantastic - Lucky lad that Benjamin!

  4. It's wonderful! I am sure he will like it a lot!

  5. It looks great! Love the fabrics :-)

  6. Looks fantastic and I bet it will be very well liked!

  7. Lucky nephew. Love the label you put on as a finishing touch. Great design for a boy.

  8. Love the colours in this quilt - I have made a CB quilt too and it is such a great pattern!


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