Thursday, 12 May 2011

Gift Pouches Complete!

Well I got the little purses completed for the 3 lovely sisters who donated clothes to my girls:

I was following the Flossie Teacakes tutorial which featured the covered zip ends.

This was a v.fiddly project and I'm not entirely pleased with the amount of bulk the covered zip ends creates in the top corners (& I only used 1 layer of wadding instead of 2 suggested in the pattern).

However, I was pleased with the finished size of the purses, and with an added wristlet to the design I think they turned out v.cute. 

Let's hope the 3 sisters think so too!


  1. Definitely cute! I think the covered zip ends are a really nice feature - makes them look super professional, so maybe worth the bother?

  2. They look lovely - I bet you will end up with a steady trickle of out-grown clothes coming your way if this is the reward!!

  3. Gorgeous purses and I so won't be making you one for PIF!

  4. I think the 3 sisters will love them! They are so bright and cheerful and homemade-- how could they not?


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