Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Colour Brick & other pressies!

My nephew turns 13 on 8th June, so I thought I'd better get my skates on regarding his birthday quilt.

I'm following Rachel Hauser's tutorial for the Colour Brick Quilt Along she did last year.

Rachel has an excellent & detailed tutorial over on her blog, but I'll just give you the edited highlights of what I've done so far.

Step 1: Cut out 55 'bricks' & lots of sashing:

A mixture of Kaffe Fasset & others from my stash!

I decided on Kona Ash for the sashing - more boyish than white I think!
Step 2: Chain piece the vertical sashing strips to the bricks:

This is one VERY long chain!!!

Just looks like a mess so far!
Step 3:  After ironing the sashing seams, lay the bricks out in rows & decide on your design:

I'm just going 'random' with my design, no set pattern.
Step 4: Join the bricks in rows & iron the seams:

Half bricks are created for the edges by cutting in half 5 overhanging bricks.
So, that's as far as I've got.

Next step is to start adding the horizontal sashing (12 strips!).

I'm really pleased with how this is shaping up.  My nephew is a stylish & trendy young lad, and his bedroom is bright blue, so I hope think he'll be pleased!

Thank you pressies!

Yesterday my girls were wonderfully blessed by a huge bag of clothes from some friends in our church. 

3 young, talented, trendy and extremely generous sisters had a clear out of their wardrobes and brought the donation to us!  It was like Christmas come early! 

So to say 'thank you' to our friends, I'm making them each a make-up purse based on Flossie Teacakes' design.

Fabrics selected
 All cut out and ready to go .......

I haven't tried this tutorial before so am looking forward to making some new gifts.


  1. 13yr old boys are tricky - but this quilt has the seal of approval from my 9yr old - he said one that like would do him, think he was dropping me a big hint! Can't wait to see your make-up bag gifts too to see how the tut turns out!

  2. The quilt is looking good, the grey strips are perfect!

  3. Quilt looks good! Look forward to seeing how the purses turn out!


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