Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sneaked Up On Me!

I now have 3 teenage girls!  Eeeek!

My baby turned 13 today!  When/how did that happen!

The birthday girl!

Here she is obliging mummy taking photos of the homemade pressies!

First up, a simple top:

Bethany's top
I made my own bias binding for the neckline!!

Then a specially requested beach bag:

Bethany's Beach Bag

Bethany choose the bright fabric from Ikea, and I sourced the mesh on Ebay and then just made it up as I went along!  There are lots of pockets for all the accoutrements one takes to the beach, a zippered top and I lined it with a recycled shower curtain.

Bethany's Lunchbag
A few bags of sweets might just have made there way in there!
And finally a newly designed lunch bag.  The bag is made with waterproofed Irish linen and lined with an Ikea shower curtain. There's even an elasticated drinks holder on the inside!  Bethany totally loved it!

Unfortunately, she won't be able to try out her new lunch bag until September, as schools finish here tomorrow for the summer!

And if you want to see what big sister Shannon made her, go here.


So that's another successful birthday this week!  Phew!

Have a good one!

Jude xo


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Wonderful makes, I love the lunch bag! Clever idea using shower curtains.

  2. birthday wishes from me the the teenager your baby girl is growing up!Lovely makes from you, the binding on the top looks great and both bags look so good as well as being practical How would we manage without Ikea!

  3. Happy Birthday to the teenager in the house! The beach bag is amazing. I would love to have one too. Finally a huge bag where all the goodies find their space without a mess. So sad she has to wait a long time to use the lunch bag but we are all happy the school year is over and we can enjoy the summer

  4. He=He might be a shock to you ... but she looks delighted xx

  5. Brilliant gifts and what a smile! Happy birthday for yesterday, B

  6. Happy birthday. The presents are great, and how wonderful to have complete originals too knowing none of your friends will look the same.

  7. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays to all of you! Fantastic presents, yours and Shannon's! I shall follow her blog also from now on. x Teje

  8. Many happy returns, youngster! Lovely presents there, and I trust you get lots of use of that beach bag!

  9. Oh bless, she looks so happy, and she looks lovely in that top. You are a great mum and have another teenager to be proud of.

  10. Look at that smile! She's clearly delighted. I'm so loving your lunch bag - an IKEA shower curtain is a fab idea!


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