Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Lunch Bags!

You may remember last week I was working on some lunch bags for a class in the Autumn.

It took this many prototypes to decide on just the right size and proportions!

And when I did there was no stopping me!

There are 2 shapes here:  An easier construction ...

 ...and a slightly more involved, boxy construction:

I played around a bit with handles and closures and decided the snap poppers were the best.

You can also see I experimented with different fabrics, oilcloth, linen, denim, deco weight.  And to make them 'cool bag' like, I used Insul Bright Heat Resistant Wadding on the inside.

Oilcloth definitely adds a level of difficulty to the construction and I used wipeable fabrics for the lining, which also requires some patience!

Recycled machine washable shower curtains are great here!
But mainly I had lots of fun playing around with some of my favourite free motion sketching!

This will be a Saturday workshop in the Autumn term, and I'm hoping the ladies who come will enjoy making these as much as I did!

Jude xo


  1. wow! looks like you had a wonderful time playing ... not just with the bags and the fabrics... but the embellis0hments as well x hope the class goes well as these are wonderful xj

  2. They are fabulous and love the variety but that poor gingerbread man is my favourite.

  3. J, they're wonderful! I like the red gingham best. Your applique is just super.

  4. How lovely! Looks like you had lots of fun! xx

  5. Ha, we'll have to start calling you the Goldilocks of lunch bags ;o) Poor gingerbread man...

  6. such a variety you have made here, think you could not stop once started. Re the oil cloth ones, it is easy to stitch on the machine and what needle did you use, I tried once years ago and got no where, think I still have the fabric but not a clue where

  7. I am in love with the gingerbread man. x

  8. These are lovely! Gingerbread man gets my sympathy vote too. This would be a brilliant workshop to have kids with a bit of sewing experience at.

  9. These are rather lovely... Why do you have to be over there?? And are you doing a workshop at FQR one of these years? If not, why not?

  10. Aaahhh, cruelty to gingerbread men! Poor thing. The bags look fab, though, really lovely prototypes.


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