Sunday, 22 June 2014

Saw II

I'm so enjoying my garden at the moment!

The colours are wonderful ....

PicMonkey Collage1

...and the fruit and veg are coming along nicely!

PicMonkey Collage

But there was one part of the garden that I haven't tackled yet!  Today was the day!

Ah there's nothing quite like the feel of a power tool! So satisfying (even though I was terrifying my kids in the process!).


Not bad eh?

And with all fingers and toes still intact (!!) I whipped up a journal cover for youngest daughter's friend.

Journal cover
Fabrics chosen and cover design by Bethany!
So a fairly productive day I'd say!

Hope you've had a great Saturday!

Jude xo


  1. like you I have the dreaded privets, how I hate them and cutting even more so. Not mastered electric shears so mine have to be done by hand, major job as both front and back. Lovely photos you have shared of your fruit and flowers ans even time to do a nice bit of stitchery

  2. Oh yes, nothing like a power tool! Good job done there

  3. Wow! some tidy hedge that! Love the journal cover!

  4. Good job with the hedge. You have progressed from electric knife foam cutting to electric hedge trimmers, what's the next bigger power tool you will master?

  5. The only time I ever used an electric trimmer I went through the lead, now I keep away from anything like that. Actually my first encounter was years ago at a children's party when a magician sawed me in half with one, it hurt quite a bit at the time.

  6. That's one very neat hedge and lovely garden!

  7. Hi Judith! Well done! I wish i could say the same for garden Works ... Oh, how adorable Journal cover! Have a lovely day! x Teje

  8. ooooo the everlasting job of the privet hedges..... we have that joy too! x

  9. Is there any end to your talents???

  10. Ooh you are brave!! I'm a bit of a chicken with the power tools!! Your garden is beautiful :) and pretty sewing too! Very productive Saturday! xx

  11. What? No ear defenders?!! Your hedge cutting is very neat, though, bravo!

  12. love the pen holder in the journal cover, its those little details you always manage that make the difference

  13. Fabulous job Jude! I'm so impressed by your power tool skills

  14. Good eye for the very neat even hedging! I haven't ever used a garden power tool. I imagine it would feel quite liberating.


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