Saturday, 31 March 2012

Wanted! Wonky Homes for Pippis

Don't you think March has hurtled through at an alarming rate?

With the end of one month comes the next block for Bee Blessed!

Thank you everyone for your cuter than cute Pippi blocks.  You can see most of them here.
Don't they look quite the dysfunctional perfect family!!

And yes, we even have a set of twins!

If you are still planning on making a Pippi block, there is still time - we will never turn away anyone from our Bee Blessed family!

We thought these Pippi blocks would look great in a quilt alongside some wonky houses, so this is what we are setting as the April Bee Blessed block.

There are several great tutorials out there already (thanks Nicky!), so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel on this one (and apologies for not having an example made for you to see)!

Improv. pieced house by Unruly Quilter

How to draw your own paper pieced house by Free Patterns by Sophie Junction

All we ask is that you keep the background/sky in white, and add a little bit of grass or ground at the bottom of the house.  As always, please square your block to 12.5".

The rest of the colour scheme and style of house is up to you!  Have fun with our April social housing project!

And I'll leave you with some pics of our progress from today's gathering of Bee Blessed:

Man Quilt Top

Sampler Quilt Top

Jelly Roll Quilt - completed

Blue/Pink Log Cabin Quilt - completed

Beatrix Potter Cot Quilt - completed


  1. The quilts are lovely, I especially like that blue log cabin one. I have been remiss on blocks, hopefully I can do better now that its spring.

  2. The girls are having a Pippi party! Woohoo! Now they just need a bed for the night! Coming up!

    You have been a busy bee! Lots of lovely tops!

  3. Oh the houses are a great idea!
    All the tops look great, well done yous guys x

  4. hee hee check out my shimmying Pippi!!! Definitely going to make her a wonky house to live in x

  5. The girls look so lovely! Absolutely gorgeous :)

  6. My goodness you girls work hard!
    Love the idea of a wonky house block and lovely seeing my Pippi in such good company!

  7. You have NO IDEA how hard she makes us work Sheila!!!!!

    Seriously , we couldn't do this without J's creative inspiration, motivation and guidance and WE LOVE HER! We also couldn't do it without all of you guys giving your time and skills and fabrics to help us along. It's such a privilege to work on these collaborative quilts and know the love and support built in to them to be passed on to others.

    Lovely pics in the sunshine J!

  8. wow, what a lot of work you all put in to this, its amazing!

  9. Are you running a sweat shop?!!! Love the idea of wonky houses for Pippi!

  10. wonderful quilt tops! I'm excited to do a wonky house!! All this improv is fun :)

  11. I'm playing catch-up! Lovely Pippis, will try and get some social housing sorted for them, now I'm reclaiming the WL balance :)


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