Saturday, 10 March 2012

All for the Boys!

This wasn't the first title that came to mind for this post, given that the name of the blocks I'm about to show you are called Number 2's, from the Stainded QAL!!!!

But enough about that.  Here are the next instalment of blocks:

I'm really liking how these blocks are taking shape, and the speed at which they can be sewn together.  Just blocks 3 and 4 to do now.

This is for another nephew turning 18 this year, and is one of those patterns where a change of fabric totally changes the look of the quilt.  Check out some of the others in the Flickr group.

My other nephew is getting the Surf Time Quilt when he turns 18 in May. 

I went for Kona Bahama Blue (aptly named) for the binding, which was the perfect colour to tie together all the other aqua prints.  

Despite my initial reservations on this one, I totally love it now, and the brushed denim on the back gives it a warm snuggly feel.  I'm happy that the simple wavy quilting lines emphasise the wave pattern.

Well today is Bee Blessed day in my house!

Thank you for the lovely Pippi blocks that have been donated so far!  We're building up a cute wee family!  We have a blonde Pippi, brunette, Scottish Pippi, even a set of twins!!! You can see them here. If you fancy having a go at your very own version of Pippi, you'll find the tute here.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'm loving the Stained Glass blocks I've been seeing. Yours are very calming, lovely.

  2. Your Stained Glass blocks are so lovely - the fabrics are truly gorgeous and very apt for 18 yr old boy. Loving the waves too!

  3. I love your Stained blocks - the fabric is fabulous! Surf Time is also fabulous, your nephews are very lucky!

  4. Liking the surfing quilt. The backing is just right for a boy (man). Those stained glass blocks are looking good :) Di xo

  5. The Surf Time quilt is great, I am sure he will love it. And your stained quilt is coming along well. I hope to make some blocks this week, including a pippi or two, I hope you had fun with the group.

  6. your stained glass quilt is beautiful! what great color choices!

  7. Your nephews must love you!!!


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