Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ouch! She Got Me!

There's a game going around blogland at the mo called blogger tag.  It's a new one on me, and I've only found out about it because it's been done to me!

My lovely friend Susan has tagged me, which involves me answering 11 of her questions before setting 11 of my own to 11 other bloggers.

I can't imagine why anyone would be anywhere near interested in the generalities of my life, but here goes:

1. What is your favourite cartoon from childhood?
Having difficulty remembering that far back!  I remember Looney Tunes i.e. Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck etc. 

2. What is your favourite restaurant in the world and where is it?
I’m not too widely travelled, but the one I revisit as often as I can is called Pinocchio’s, an Italian restaurant in Christchurch, Dorset.

3. If you could buy any fabric bundle you wanted right now (someone else was paying) what would it be?
There are so many lovely fabric bundles to choose from, but I really love the orange and aqua mix of Sandy Gervais’ Designer Select Sassy Collection for The Fat Quarter Shop.

4. What is your favourite quilt made by someone else? (Please include a link or photo if that is possible.)
Again, a difficult one, as there are so many beauties out there.  But I’ll go with one I pinned recently from Angela (Cut to pieces):

5. I need a day on the beach. Where would you recommend?
Within the UK I’d say Bournemouth beach, because I lived there for 7 years (not actually on the beach of course!).  But from family holidays as a child I remember The Algarve in Portugal having lovely beaches.

6. If a sewing retreat could be held in the place of your choice and all your friends would be able to attend where would you have it?
Belfast of course!

7. What is the first sign of Spring for you?
Daffodils and crocuses.

8. Do you have a favourite smell?
I love perfume, some of my favs are Burberry Weekend, Lancome Tresor & Miracle So Magic.  I also love the smell of lilies in the evenings.

9. If you drink wine, what do you prefer - red, white or pink? If you don't drink wine, what is your favourite drink?

10. What sewing task do you dread the most?
Calculating fabric requirements

11. You are making me a dessert - what is it, and will you give me the recipe?
I’m not known for my culinary skills (!!) but I can make pavlova (6 egg whites, sugar, vinegar, cornflour & vanilla extract, cream, fruit).

Phew!  So glad that's over.  Here are my questions to the following bloggers:

1.       What is your favourite ice cream flavour/brand?
2.       What kind of stuff do you like to watch on telly?
3.       What are your favourite colour combos for fabric at the mo?
4         & 5. Who in your life do you most admire and why?
6.       What inspired you to first start sewing/quilting?
7.       What part of your body do you like the most?
8.       Give me an example of something you have made that you are really proud of?
9.       Would you describe yourself as more of a patchworker or a quilter, or both?
10.   What has been your favourite decade so far?
11.   What are you most looking forward to this year?

Sarah (Sew Me)
Jan (Isisjem)

Over to you ladies!


  1. Yea Judith! I knew you wouldn't have to think about it as long as you said you would! Great answers.

  2. Lovely post, glad you tagged me as I hadnt realised that I've not been gettin any of your posts in my dashboard. I thought I was fine cos Rags to bags disappeared, and Just Jude is in my list, but apparently not. I think I've fixed it now. Sooooo gutted I've been missing your last few posts!

  3. Bloomin eck Judith........will have to put the old thinking cap on!

  4. Ah thanks! - I think!! This may take some time...

  5. love the mini quilt sooooooo much!

  6. Hi Judith! This is fun-- I like reading these kinds of things and learning a little more about you. I love that mini quilt that you pinned!! Thanks for tagging me-- I will respond with a blog post-- hopefully in the next few days. Looking forward to reading everyone's responses. Seeing now that you've switched to Just Jude-- love it!! Will sign on as a follower.

  7. I answered your questions and the questions of Laura as well...that's right 22 questions at one time. Phew!!!

  8. Hee Hee, Oh no now I'm gonna have to think of some answers! Thanks for tagging me :) By the way I spent most of my childhood holidays in Bournemouth, and love it! We went to Pinnochio's all the time (the one in Bournemouth, not Christchurch) all the time - YUMM! And we went there for new year as grown-ups too, I remember having to walk back to Iford in freezing December weather and high heels! x PS I can't get you back on my google reader, when I click follow it says I am, but you don't appear on the list, what am I doing wrong? x


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