Sunday, 25 March 2012

Girl on Fire!

It's a gloriously sunny day here in Northern Ireland!

Life always looks so much better through the light and warmth of a sunny day (though not through the dirt and grim of my windows!).

I had the privilege this morning of listening to a very inspiring lady.

Most of you will have seen this iconic photograph, taken during the Vietnam war in 1972.

The naked 9 year old girl in the centre is Kim Phuc. She is 49 now, married with 2 teenage sons, and she came to our church this morning and told her incredible story of being caught up in the napalm bomb in her village, recovering from 65% burns over her body, and the subsequent journey of healing and forgiveness that followed.

She was incredibly humble, gracious and inspiring to listen to, and it reminded me to be so thankful for the many good things I have in my life.  I am looking forward to reading her book 'The Girl in the Picture' by Denise Chong.

Yesterday, was another sunny day, but I was tucked away in my sewing room all afternoon, working on class samples.

However at 3.30pm my daughter brought me a welcome interruption!

This is my favourite kind of chocolate cake - light, fluffy and gooey! Delicious!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying some welcome spring sunshine.


  1. It must been fascinating yet humbling to have listened to Kim Phuc talk. I can so clearly remember seeing that photo at the time and thinking that she was just a year or so older than me. It was the first time in my life that war seemed real. DI xo

  2. That picture is so famous, I am so glad to hear she is grown with children and doing well, how lucky you were to listen to her speak. And the cake, you have the best kids if they brought you that!

  3. I echo Leanne's view re Kim Phuc!

  4. Wow, I can remember my mum talking to me about that picture when I was little - what a strong lady she must have grown up to be - I don't know how many of her opportunities came about because of that photo, but know most sadly were not so lucky.

  5. Everything does indeed look so good in this glorious sunshine, what an early bonus for us all. Your morning sounds like it was very inspirational.

  6. What an inspiring speaker to have at church! truly humbling when you hear what some people have to deal with. Cake looks awesome! indeed yum!

  7. What an inspiring talk that must have been! The cake looks delicious - how lovely of your daughter!

  8. That talk must have been amazing, lucky you!

    We were munching chocolate cake in the pub last night for our friend's 80th birthday. We even got the local mussel fest committee in on the action lol Don't think Tullycross will be the same again after our invasion ;o)

  9. that must have been an amazing talk to listen to.
    Love the look of that chocolate cake!

  10. She must have been quite an inspiring person to listen to. What a horrible thing to happen to anyone though!

  11. Must have been a moving talk, that's a hell of a picture.
    Tell your lass that she's welcome to interrupt me anytime too...

  12. Gosh, I bet that was extremely touching, and an honour to listen to her. Lovely post J x


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