Saturday, 24 March 2012

Have you ever seen a cupcake smile?

Could everyone please stop having birthdays!

I don't remember March being particularly birthday-busy, but I seem to have a lot to make this month.

I've had to make so many presents for my daughters' friends this month, that I even checked back on my blog archives to March 2011 to see if I was doing this last year!  Nope, not a one then!  So I wasn't imagining the 100% increase in birthday requests!

Well whatever is going on (maybe my girls are just good at making friends!) I've rattled out a couple more pouches which have been suitably stuffed with sweets and other girly treats, and decorated with my eldest's cute fimo charms.

Pencil case

Smiling cupcake!

Makeup bag

And so this weekend, I'm going to sew for me. 

The plan is to get the no.3 blocks done in the Stained QAL. I've also got a few more class samples to make, but if I get any of these done this weekend, I'll be a happy bunny!

Have a sunny weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend - may your time be full of smiling cupcakes!

  2. How cute! You do such a nice job, I bet your gift list is going to grow even more ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. It's so good to get some 'me' sewing time! Have a great weekend!

  4. lovely gifts and I love the smiling cupcake. Hope you get some of your stained done

  5. Enjoy your sewing! And isn't it great that your daughters are proud of mum's work and want to give their friends you makes Judith - bit of a compliment!

  6. I love the pouches!! (And I agree with Nicky, it's big compliment but maybe next year they could give you more warning?!!) Enjoy the sewing!

  7. Perfect pressies - you've got to make those girls more anti-social though or you'll be broke and permanently stitching to give away! Look forward to seeing what you get to sew for you!

  8. Love the pouches - I've had a friend drop some hints for a make up bag for her birthday - which is coming up at an alarming rate now!

  9. I must make sure my girls don't read this or they will get 'ideas'! You are a great mum and make the loveliest things.

  10. Those pouches are cute. I guess your girls are just very popular or the other girls at school know that if they invite them to their parties they will get some sort of cool bag.



  11. The bags are lovely and the fimo cupcakes are so cute!

  12. Everyone needs a smiley cupcake... :oD

  13. You're such a cool mum :-)


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