Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Introducing ..... 'Martha May'

We are now day 3 into my wee bag series.

Say hello to 'Martha May'!

A zippered version

Same pockets on the back as the front

More IKEA fabric!!

These 2 are slightly smaller than Modern Maud, and are actually the result of my playing around with the Bag for Life pattern I sketched out (it's amazing what you end up with compared to what you start with!).

So what do you think of the new addition to the family?

In other news, yesterday I received my first Small Goodie Swap parcel - all the way from Australia!

Just look at all these lovelies, incl. Denise Schmidt scraps - yum!

The back of the mugrug is as gorgeous as the front!
Thank you Kat for these gorgeous and beautifully made gifts.  When I first saw the pics of them on flickr I almost shouted at the computer 'pleeeease be mine', and was gob-smacked when I opened the parcel!  I think I'm the envy of one or two other swap members in the group, tee hee!

We each get 2 parcels in this swap, so I've still got one more to look forward to.  Hmmmm, I wonder who it will be from?

And last but not least, I've signed up to Emily's (Strawberry Patch) Christmas Charm Swap.

Emily needs 28 participants, each to purchase a meter of fabric and cut it into 56 charm squares of 5". We then post the fabric to her, Emily mixes them up and sends us back 28 different prints with 2 squares of each!  Sounds fab doesn't it?  Now Emily doesn't yet have 28 people signed up yet, and we can't run the swap with less than 28, so pleeeeeese hop on over to Emily's and get signed up. 

And when you do, you'll have lovely fabrics to get working on the irresistible swap over at Susan's blog Canadian Abroad!

Phew!  I think that's all I need to tell you about today.  Have good one whatever you get up to!


  1. Oh those bags are just fantastic!! I bet they sell like hotcakes! Totally original and gorgeous. Fantastic swap gifts too. Love that fabric.
    Collette xxx

  2. Oooh I LOVE Martha May and hope you will be selling patterns soon.
    Good old Ikea fabric!
    Yes, you are right, I envy your Goodies, the colours kinda fitted mine so I was hoping......waiting impatiently for Mr. Postie.

  3. This might be my favourite bag yet! Loving your Ikea fabrics too... And your swap goodies!

  4. Judith-- the bags are wonderful!! I think they are going to sell like hotcakes! You're on a roll, girl! Congrats on the goodies from Kat-- you are a very lucky girl!! Enjoy!

  5. Yep, loving this one so hard! These will surely sell!

  6. Lucky old you Judith! Good work on the upcoming swaps - we need more Christmas fabric! Love Martha May she seems abundantly organised - go play some more!

  7. Oh yes, I'm a Martha May fan too.

    As for your swap items, envious? Moi? Only a soupcon of green...

  8. More wonderful bags! And such nice swap loot too!

  9. Loving this introduction to all your new ladies - love the warm pinks and how they co-ordinate with your main fabrics. I have the grey IKEA fabric and now I want to get it out and stitch me up something that would never look as good as these anyway!

  10. The bags are fantastic, loving the fabrics - I think the grey will go with so much.

  11. Zippered Martha May is my favourite so far! Love it!! Doesn't Kat make gorgeous things? I can't be too jealous because I won that terrific purse from her in the summer. Pleased you got a package that you wanted.

  12. Your swap goodies are gorgeous and those bags are just fab, love all the different ones you've done so far!

  13. Envy? I am never speaking to you again! Not even if you make more great bags including a 'Happy Hadley' with a great big zip to shut it up!! x

  14. lol I think Happy Hadley might just get her wish! LOVE the bags and Martha May is definitely my fave!


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