Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Glorious Day!

The sunshine does my soul good!

It's been another glorious day here, sunny, breezy at times, and even warm!

In our house today there has been cooking, cleaning, baking, sewing & gardening - and it's still the afternoon!

Here's what I got done today:

I got the back finished for my Across the Sea QAL cot quilt.  I wanted to keep a wee bit of white around the crosses so they wouldn't completely disappear into the solid blue.  Although if I was doing the bordered cross again, I would have those outer white tips blue!

Can anyone tell me why the back is so much bigger than the front?  I know that Nicky found this the case too!  Are we Numpty's Utd, or is there a logical reason?

My youngest daughter (10) loves to sew and is a natural on the sewing machine.  

Under my supervision, she made this mugrug for herself, choose all the fabrics from my scraps, pieced it, & quilted it with a variegated thread, having lots of fun using Mr Pfaff's more decorative side!

The cupcakes were made today by my eldest daughter!
And I can now reveal who one of my Small Goodie Swap partners was, cos she opened her parcel from me today!

Do you remember these?

Jan (Isisjem) got her parcel during the week and her mum hid it from her until opening day today! The blue handbag in the middle is based on Jan's 241 tote bag that she made recently.

Hop on over to the flickr group to see the full package that Jan received (my daughter made her a cupcake pin topper which was v.cute!).

Well that's all for now!

I hope you are having a great weekend, wherever you are!

Ooops!  Almost forgot to tell you that my Glorious Day today started with an email from Cindy telling me I'd won a Saffron Craig $25 voucher as part of Cindy's Start Your Own Series.  Thanks Cindy!  

If you've ever thought about starting up a wee business, check out Cindy's guest blogger interviews - v.informative.  

Bye for now!


  1. Oh, well done on the win! I love the fabrics that she makes. Very jealous, while still pleased for you! Your quilt back looks great but way bigger than the front. Nicky said the same. Is it supposed to be like that - because I haven't had time to do mine today. Like to be warned so I don't think I did something really wrong!

  2. I love your Across the Sea quilt. I joined the QAL but am yet to start! Love your daughters mug rug and that cake looks yum too! Well done on your win too. I had completely missed this post so need to go back and read it as that series of Cindy's is really interesting! Thanks again for my goodies! :-)

  3. What a crafty and creative family you are! Adore that cute scrappy mug rug and the sheer decadence of fun of all those quilting embroidery stitches. Great to see skills and talents passing down the generations!

  4. You were right to have the white in your blocks for the back (although I do love the blue.) They look great. My crosses are lost, well they look lost in my photo. My back is a lot bigger too. Congrats on the win at Cindy's I was wishing and hoping, but not this time.

  5. Congratulations on the win - can't wait to see what you pick as it's all so gorgeous! I love your daughter's mug rug, she's amazingly good on a machine!! Off to see the pin topper! Oh, sorry, almost forgot! Your QAL back and front are fabulous!

  6. It was for Jan! Brilliant! and congrats on the win, everybody needs MORE fabric :)

  7. Yes it`s meant to be bigger - something to do with making sure the seams line up...I think. Love to see children sew and cook 0 fantastic life skills. Well done on the win!

  8. Your wee lass has done a great job on her first Mug Rug! And congratulations on the win, cant wait to see what you choose, you will share pics wont you?

  9. Clever daughter - inevitable really!!
    Ohh enjoy spending the SC voucher!.

    I read one of the basting links on Jennifer's blog as it had the back way bigger, and should be stepped evenly with the batting and top for lining up - I have to say it did work - I basted today - pics tomorrow. xx

  10. Well done on your win, looks like we are all on a winning streak - brilliant.
    Clever daughter, love the mug rug and the cupcake looks pretty good too.

  11. ATS quilt looking fab J! Even if it is a little large on the behind... I love your little lady sewing, so cute!

  12. love the back of your qal: I cheated on mine as I just didn't have the time, but the back that Sarah designed is fab.
    Your daughter is a natural - I love all those stiches that your machine can do and what a great idea of hers to use them like that.

  13. She is a natural! Look at that beauty of a rug!

  14. That does sound like a glorious day!! Congrats on the Saffron win!! Your Across the Sea quilt looks great :0) And I love your daughter's mug rug, too. Your daughters sound like very talented young ladies-- one bakes, one sews... nice! Hope you continue to have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Your back is fab! Yes it is supposed to be bigger to leave it easy to match up the lines/crosses and be visible around the edges of the batting. I prob made it a bit big but I alwasys do my backing a big bigger anyway...


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