Thursday, 15 September 2011

I'm a Criminal!

I had a very busy day yesterday!  

I don't do busy v.well!  

I get v.tired and cranky (just ask my kids!).

By 6.30pm I had shipped the kids out to their youth group at church and met a friend for coffee in the neighbouring coffee shop.  We had a good old rant about the busyness of life, moody kids etc. etc. and felt much better for it.

So engrossed were we in chatting (and then chatting to others we knew in the shop), we walked out of the coffee shop not realising we hadn't paid!!

It wasn't until I was in the car driving home that I realised we had bare facedly walked out of our local community coffee shop without paying.  I almost crashed the car!!  This is the same coffee shop that advertises my classes with a poster in their window!!

Of course the kids thought this was hilarious and took great delight in calling me a criminal.  I telephoned my friend who was still in the vicinity of the shop, and she went back in and paid - phew!

I'm happy to say that today was a lot less dramatic, but no more productive in sewing terms.  I did however get my Across the Sea QAL back pieces cut out (great cutting instructions Sarah - you're a brain!).

I may or may not put white around the crosses!
At first I wasn't going to go for a pieced back, but instead put a fleecy back on it.  But then I realised I already have loads of solid blue leftover from my colour brick quilt plus a spare cross block that I didn't use in the quilt front.  

So my idea now is to make this quilt like a day & night quilt - the front with the white background is day time napping, and the back with the solid blue and darker crosses is for night time napping!  It just adds a little bit of interest, and I really like quilts that have a bit of a story to tell.

I'm teaching again tomorrow, visiting a friend in hospital and then down at church in the evening, so I don't suppose there'll be much sewing done tomorrow either.

Roll on Saturday!


  1. I can't believe it Judith... you, a criminal!! I wish I saw your face when you realised what you had done

  2. I would have posted bail and provided a reference - but not sure that a reference from me would have helped!

    Funnily enough I was thinking of doing a night and day quilt and that was exactly what I was calling it in my brain. Thankfully I decided not to so it won't look like I am copying you after all.

  3. That's so funny Judith! And thanks for the compliments, although if you had seen me freaking out trying to do the measurements I'm not sure you'd be calling me a brain!! So glad you're doing the pieced back - your idea sounds so great, I love it!

  4. I am not sure I should be associating with criminals! Great backing plans though, tea-leaf xx

  5. LOL! You dine & ditched? I'm shocked. Terrible. And you told the children?! lol :-) Rest up, hope tomorrow goes okay and you're not too tired x

  6. I love that idea of day and night for the quilt and totally agree about stories. Your criminality made me laugh!!

  7. ROFL, and just having picked the kids up from church too... Looking forward to seeing how your back turns out

  8. Well, clearly you are not an arch-criminal, everyone knew you at the restaurant! Great idea for your quilt back!

  9. Lol! this made me smile this morning up at 5.30 with a wide awake 4 year old.!
    This quilt sounds. v interesting and i look forward to seeing it.

  10. Oh dear Judith! Is this your way of telling us you want to be handcuffed? ;-)

  11. Ha ha oh no!! Great story!
    Like your day/night idea :)

  12. I wonder if the staff in the shop had realised you hadn't paid? (I laughed so much as I read your description of the events!) How embarrassed are you going to be the next time you go in there?! Love your day/night quilt - it's going to be great! Hope you manage to get some rest today (and that your friend in hospital is recovering) - take care and don't do too much!

  13. Look at you! Trying to get a little somethin' for free. Bad Judith.

    Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. We've all done it once and each one of us has done the quick run back repeating "Sorry! I'm so sorry!" You're not alone :)

  14. lol Judith, I can feel the guilt from here, still! Forgive yourself, pleaaaaase :) Look forward to seeing your nite and day, great idea!

  15. The fabric scrap work you said had no name is actually called reconstructed fabric where you use a backing and the soluble fabric over the threads and tiny scraps you are creating a new fabric with. It is also called Created fabric by some people but its very cool and inventive. I use dryer sheets for the backing instead of throwing those away.


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