Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Blocks Away!!!

My Oasis class starts back next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing my group of lovely ladies after the summer break.

This term, we will be making a sampler quilt, which will be raffled off & the proceeds put back into the Charity.

I haven't done much block work with the ladies, so this will break some new territory for them, and build on their already growing skills.

There are so many fab blocks out there in blogland at the moment, traditonal and contemporary.  Here's 4 I dabbled with today, in a red & aqua combo.

I'm afraid my fabrics aren't v.exciting at the moment, but these are samples and will hopefully give enough of a design idea for the ladies.

Hole in the Barn Door - tutorial here
Greek Cross - tutorial here
Mosaic  - tutorial here
Dutchman's Puzzle - Tutorial here
All of these blocks are 12.5" unfinsihed.

This last block (Dutchman's Puzzle) went slightly arry - while the points in the centre met up deliciously, the outer edges were out by 1/4" with each other, meaning if I trimmed them down I'd loose the edge points when it gets sewed onto another block.  I obviously went wrong somewhere so I'll be doing this naughty boy again!

I have a few more blocks I want to try out, but this is what I've been up to day.

Hope you've had a productive Tuesday.


  1. What a great idea - the charity quilt and the charity itself - hope it goes well!

  2. Nice work mate, I'm sure the pupils will have great fun :-)

  3. Beautiful blocks Judith, love them! try starching your fabrics before cutting and then sewing on the bias, there is less stretch and you get more accurate results. :) Still lovely!

  4. They will be really inspiring to your ladies - well done x

  5. Lovely blocks - great idea re the sampler quilt!

  6. Your blocks look great. And I like the fabrics! Looks like it is going to be a good clas.

  7. Your blocks are great and I'm sure your class will have a lot of fun :)

  8. I love your aqua and red blocks, the colours are very wonderful! I know that first block as a churn dash which I see as just a variation on shoo-fly. It is so interesting to see different names for the same blocks, different people came up with them in different places at the same or different times. Anyway, it is a favourite of mine.

  9. Love red and aqua together! I think your ladies will.be inspired for sure. X

  10. Oh Judith, how could I not love those blocks! Those ladies are in for some great classes. Well done you.

  11. Love the colours Judith - you are certainly doing your bit for the community!


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