Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Blessing Bees!

Yesterday at Bee Blessed we made great progress on some of our WIPs!

Bee blessed 002

This is the Funky Wrench Quilt for Siblings Together, all basted and ready for quilting.

Bee blessed 003

And this is the Road to Tennessee quilt top, all sewn together! Isn't it fab!

Bee Blessed Starflower quilt layout

The beautiful starflowers have now been trimmed, laid out and sewn into rows.  Not long now til this will be basted, quilted and bound!

Bee blessed 001

Our youngest member of BB got her first ever quilt finished!!  The only bit she didn't sew was the binding!  A big 'thank you' to Cindy for donating the little pre-cut squares that went into this quilt!

And a big 'thank you' too to folks who have recently donated fabric and blocks.  We appreciate every single one! 

If on occasion you don't happen to see your block in a finished quilt, it might be because it was too small (i.e. finished under 12.5") or we had more blocks than we needed for one quilt.  However, we keep ALL the blocks that are made for us, and when we have enough odd ones gathered up, we make sampler quilts with them.  So please don't despair!  We make a huge effort to try and use everything we are given!

Of course there was lots more activity yesterday - squaring off blocks, sewing up rows, quilting and making binding! 

Bee Blessed 001 (2)

And to make our quilt labelling process much quicker, we got the clever peeps at Spoonflower to make us these!

Bee Blessed 004

Don't they look the business!!

And for anyone who is local to Belfast, I have updated the BB page with our Autumn dates (no meetings over the summer).  You are most welcome to come and join in the stitchery fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. These have really taken shape nicely. Miss B is an amazing little quilter with a fab eye for colour - chip off the old block methinks!

  2. All the quilts and tops look wonderful and the labels are such a good idea!

  3. Sorry I missed yesterday- more viewings!!!
    LOVE the new labels and the quilts are looking fab.
    You have been busy bees.

  4. What great quilts. I especially loved the star flower one. The spoonflower labels are a great idea.

  5. Beautiful quilts! Mostly I love the first one! I remember that block but the quilt looks even more fantastic! I love the way how the blocks mix because the background fabrics are different colours. x Teje

  6. Fab job ladies, and love the labels

  7. fab fab fab.... and yes those quilt labels are definitely the business xx

  8. Oh these look amazing, well done to you all. I didn't make any last month, so have done four of this months. Will get them to post office on Saturday

  9. These quilts look fabulous, what a great day! :o)

  10. What Hadley said - amazing work although you make it look like play :)

  11. Brilliant quilts BB ladies. The labels are really nice and will finish off the quilts with panache! Di x

  12. Oh man. Each quilt was just spectacular! I love the bright happiness of each one, but esp the star flower and the churn dash. Amazing. So glad you found a home for those little 2.5 inch squares!

  13. What beautiful lovely colors. I high five wonderful plus for the first quilt by the youngest!!!! Very wonderful!!!!!!!!!
    The labels are great I really think I might look into that I have yet to see one I did not like from them.
    From Karin

  14. Gorgeous quilts and lovely labels. You all do wonders!


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