Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Looking Back!

Just thought I would show you a couple of quilt backs I've made recently.

Salty Giant front and back

This is the back of Salty Giant, a day workshop I will be doing next term based on this tutorial.  I was working from a FQ bundle - 8 were used for the front, and the leftovers and 1 more fq were used for the back, along with some navy yardage.  I kept back the stripy fqs for the binding (love a bit of stripy binding!).

Next up, my Brit Bee '13 (part 2) quilt back:

Brit Bee '13 quilt front & back

I was short a few siggys, so thought I would just go ahead and make them myself and get the backing made!

Some of my Brit bee buddies very kindly made me mini blocks with the leftover cuts from the main block.  I love them floating in the back of that vintage sheet!

So these 2 are now basted and added to the growing pile of quilts needing quilted (currently at 6!). 

Quilts needing quilted!

Can you tell I'm more of a patchworker than a quilter?!

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. I love your backs! And 6 quilts to quilt, I see a quilting marathon in your future.

  2. I get stressed when there are 2 waiting to be quilted! Your backings are beautiful quilts in their own right. Hope you find some time to reduce that stocked up quilting rail soon.

  3. I love those backings. You can't beat a pieced back with stripy binding. A summer of quilting ahead? LOL Di x

  4. What great backs and fronts. I am definitely more of a patchworker than a quilter. Once you need to get wadding and backing it starts getting to the really expensive bit. In fact I stop myself from making quilts so I don't end up with hundreds just for the sake of it but it's hard!

  5. Funny, I really like the quilting bit, I can put the radio on and zone out. I find the patchwork bit more stressful as the points have to match!

  6. Yes, but it is the thought of wrestling all that through the quilting process, isn't it?

    You will get there< I have faith in you!

  7. Fabulous quilts. I love the quilting part of it, especially hand quilting

  8. Great quilt backs - it's deciding what way to quilt, is what beats me - well that and the sore shoulders!

  9. Backs, fronts, quilts, they're all beautiful! Get use quilting :)

  10. My main problem with quilting is the procrastination. I can sit there for hours, days, weeks trying to decide how to quilt it and then still go with my first idea!

  11. love your quilts, and their backs are fabulous. Good luck with all that quilting.

  12. Great idea for a workshop.
    Love that Brit Bee quilt, especially the cheeky block on the front.
    And, I think most of us are patch workers rather than quilters - it would be interesting to see the result of a survey.

  13. I love the fronts and backs of both quilts - get quilting so we can see them again!


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