Thursday, 27 June 2013

Shirley's A Hit!

My youngest daughter turned the ripe old age of 12 yesterday!

Bethany's 12th birthday (with Shirley!)

She loved the 'Shirley' cushion and messenger bag - phew!  And enjoyed opening more presents, eating chocolate cake (made by Shannon) and has ear-piercing & roller-blading to look forward to on Saturday!

Bethany has been busy herself making end of term pressies for her besties!

Presents for friends June13

These are scented cushions for the girls' bedrooms, all made with fabric from Bethany's own stash!

And look what arrived for me today!

FQR13 Name Tag From Kathie Drake

This is my name tag for the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London this July.  Kathie made this for me, in my all time favourite colours!  And those hand stitches on the front are teeny tiny!  Thank you Kathie! I will wear it with pride!

I'm dying to show you the name tag I've made for my secret partner, but despite it being posted over a week ago, I still haven't heard yet from the recipient.  Fingers crossed it has arrived safely!

Have a lovely day!



  1. I am glad she likes them, they are wonderful! As is your name badge.

  2. sounds like a good birthday to me xx

  3. Great makes! Hope everything else goes smoothly!

  4. Perfect makes all round! Beautiful badge, and in true tradition I still have to start mine, thou I do have a plan!

  5. Happy girls and lovely pressies. That is a really nice name tag. The one I sent to my partner was returned to me today! Off to the post office again....! Di x

  6. Lovely name tag! I am getting jealous! still awaiting mine. those Shirley goods look amazing!

  7. I love B's gifts for her friends - so pretty and beautifully made! Your name badge is lovely too!

  8. Love the happy birthday girl face. Hope 12 is a brilliant year for her. And loving that she has her own stash now. Woohoo! Great nametag for you. Hope yours arrives where it is supposed to be soon.

  9. How could she not like Shirley? Just think Jude, next year it'll be ALL teens!!

  10. What a talented bunch ;)
    Al the best are born this week in June xxx

  11. Lucky birthday girl!! And lucky you, great name tag :)

  12. Glad Shirley went down well, does that mean you got her down pat? I'm sorry... :oD


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