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40th Birthday Memory Quilt (Tuesday 15th February 2011)

I finally finished the memory quilt for my friend's niece. 

There are 4 countries represented in the quilt by their corresponding flags.  These are places that are special to Louise.

Also included is her High School Blazer badge and bus pass!

It was a very tricky project in the end.  Using photo transfer paper is a great way of transferring photos onto fabric, however it makes the seams very lumpy and it can't be ironed on afterwards (and you know how much ironing is involved in quilt making!).

But overall I'm pleased with the results.  It was delivered today and received a great response.  I hope Louise gets many hours of enjoyment from it.

(January 2011)
Baby Blanket

It's wonderful having the excuse to buy brand new fabric every once in a while.  I have a baby blanket to make as a gift from a relative.  Only problem is, baby won't arrive 'til April!  So not being able to choose pinks or blues, I've gone for lemons & greens, with a little bit of red.  Am still deciding on the design, but here are the fabrics.  Watch this space!

40th Birthday Memory Quilt

Another friend has asked me to make her niece a 40th Birthday memory quilt.  This will be January's project & will take the form of a small wall-hanging.  The colour remit was navy, red & stone to match the birthday girl's lounge.  I'm currently working on the blocks which will incorporate requested pieces of info and memories e.g. old school badges/ties, flags of countries visited, special dates, etc.  Here's a sneak peak of the fabrics.  Again, watch this space for the finished quilt.

Molly & Ellie's Quilts

After a casual conversation in my sister's hairdressing salon, one of her clients said she had kept both of her daughters' clothes from their first 5 years and didn't know what to do with them.  I suggested the idea of recycling the clothes into memory quilts for the girls (well their mum & dad's memories really!).  Mum loved the idea and this gave her the excuse she needed to finally clear out the loft and deposit 5 large bin bags of clothes with me! 

The only information about the girls I was given was their names, dates of birth, a few words describing each child & that they both loved 'pink & style'!.  Molly (9yrs) is the 'big sister' and Ellie (5yrs) is 'trouble'!  So I set to it, sorting and rummaging and letting the creative juices flow into designs for blocks.  The girls had quite a few t-shirts with cute pics & slogans on them, so I bondawebbed the backs of these & sewed a selection of them into each quilt.  The other blocks were applique designs that I thought were appropriately girly and made using little tops, leggings, dresses & skirts. 

Molly's Quilt

Ellie's Quilt

95% of the materials used were provided by mum, I even used their snuggly blankets for the backs of the quilts.  They ended up single bed size, but I sewed in a hanging sleeve on each one so they could also be hung up.

I had lots of fun making these quilts.  I found out that when mum & dad received them first they spent a nostalgic evening reminising on the times & events they remembered from when the girls wore the clothes used. The quilts were delivered early November '10 and kept as Christmas presents for the girls. 

Thursday's Child!

My brother lives on the south coast of England.  Apart from being a footie fan, he also loves where he lives, characterised by multi-coloured beach huts.  I wanted to make something for his birthday last year, but it had to be easily transported from Belfast.

I thought to myself 'what would sum up my brother in a few pictures?'  I immediately thought of the Union Flag and decided to incorporate this into a wall-hanging.  I also used the fact that he was born on a Thursday as inspiration and where he lived (a place all of our family enjoy visiting).

So this is what I came up with!

Yes I know the quilt says 'Friday's Child' - this was hastily corrected once I found out that he was actually born on a Thursday - how inconvenient of him! 

I found a pattern online for a foundation pieced union flag, but thought it would be a bit boring done in plain fabric, so I crazy patched the central red cross.  The 4 corner blocks represent the patron saints of the 4 countries that make up Great Britain (only St. David's flag of Wales isn't represented yet in the Union Flag).  I had a lot of fun designing some foundation pieced beach huts - see top of wall-hanging.

The label on the back (no pic, sorry) quoted Winston Churchill 'We make a living by what we get; We make a life by what we give.'  I admire my brother for being a hard-working, generous and funny guy.  I am pleased to say he loved the quilt and now calls it his 'blankie'!  Bless! 

Tuesday's Child!

Not to leave out any siblings (thankfully I only have 2!), I also made my big sister a quilt for her birthday.  She lives closer to me so I was able to make her a double bed sized quilt. 

Again I used the day she was born as inspiration (Tuesday's child is full of grace).  The quilt was made using the same technique as my husband's prayer quilt - the raw edge technique - which makes it more snuggly.  I wrote on the label that 'to me she is full of grace, strength and beauty'.  She cried when she opened out the quilt & read the label!  Bless! 


  1. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous to all of these Judith!!! I am so in awe of your talent and love to see every new thing you've created. Can't wait to see how the new commission baby quilt and 40th birthday memory quilt work out. Beautiful fabrics choices!

  2. How special is that memory quilt for 40th birthday! Well done on making such a good job of it, Judith. The photos came out really well - another technique under your belt!


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