Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Didn't They Do Well!

A few of my project classes are coming to an end as we near the end of term.

My Monday night crew finished up their Welcome Wall-hangings last night:

Welcome Wallhanging Class June13

Aren't they brilliant!  Wouldn't you love to be welcomed by one of these!

If you fancy having a go at one yourself, the pattern can be found here.

And last Saturday was my Swing Bag workshop.  Here are some of the finished lovelies!

Swing Bag Class June13

Rosemary's Swing Bag June13

These designs are based on the Amy Butler swing bag, but with some additions (ruffles, contrasting yokes, box corners - there's even a crazy patchwork version!).

Well done ladies!  Your makes are beautiful!



  1. Do you audition your ladies before you let them in your classes!!?? Well done all xxx

  2. Congrats to your ladies. Di x

  3. Those wallhangings always make me smile. So brilliant!

  4. oh, they did awesome. You're a wonderful teacher.

  5. Brilliant! It's great seeing all the finished items

  6. the ladies did brilliant! Well done

  7. That's a clever bunch of ladies that you have

  8. Gorgeous, loving the swing bags, and cute Welcome signs, you're clearly a great teacher!


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