Saturday, 22 March 2014

Today at Bee Blessed

We are motoring our way through a wonderful collection of blocks, quilt tops and quilts!

Thank you for all the recent Heart and Pippi blocks.  Here are some of our groovy girls:

Bee Blessed Pippi blocks
We have received lots more than you see here, I just forgot to get another photo!

Another set of blocks that got to the quilt top stage are the Greek Cross blocks:

Bee Blessed quilt top - Greek cross

And we got the Quarter Log Cabins laid out, with a few leftovers to make into a cute baby quilt:

Bee Blessed Quarter Log Cabin blocks

Bee Blessed quarter log cabin blocks

Here are some that are all finished and ready to be donated.

Bee Blessed quilts ready for donation Mar14

There are a good few other quilts still being worked on too!  We are a busy bunch of bees!  Thank you for your continued contributions and support!

Jude xo


  1. What a lot of lovely quilts and blocks. This has been an excellent project. I still hope to get a pippi off to you, I should have time to make her this weekend.

  2. We certainly seem to have a lot coming together all at once.

  3. yay, that's a lot of very beautiful quilts. You guys have been busy.

  4. So many sweet colorful quilts! Love those Pippi blocks!

  5. good to see the blocks coming together and I am so enjoying taking part these last 3 months and will continue to ad my little contibution

  6. Hi Judith! So much beautiful quilts! I loooove those Pippi Longstrum blocks! I had all the books and even the same hair when I was little! Also the Greek Cross blocks are great and in my list. x Teje

  7. Very busy little bees, well done girls!

  8. Ooh what lovely quilts, well done! and I'm setting a reminder so im definetly there next month and won't forget haha

  9. Those quilts will be so well received. They look amazing

  10. Loving the Greek cross quilt! You guys are producing so many quilts I am amazed.

  11. Looking great, ladies! The Greek Cross is a real smashing top!

  12. It is incredible what you produce, and I am sure they are all very much appreciated.


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