Wednesday, 12 March 2014

End of an Era!

Today my dad and handsome nephew dismantled our 12 foot trampoline! 

trampoline no more!
Before and after!  Oh dear!
The kids have had a tonne of fun on this over the years, but have outgrown it now sadly! Looks like I've a bit of repair gardening ahead of me when the frosts stop!

This evening some of my ladies got their 'Quilt as you Go' shopping bags finished!

Quilt As You Go handbag class Mar14

This talented and patient lot were testing out a new pattern for me, which includes a recessed zipper! 

Thank you ladies for being gracious pattern testers! You were brilliant guinea pigs!

If you fancy having a go at making this fun bag, I will be running the class again starting Monday 28th April.

Jude xo


  1. Didn't you still want to use the trampoline? I kind of think the girls have out grown the swing set but they won't let us get rid of it. Too many good memories they say. And therein lies the answer to why our house is so cluttered!

  2. I wonder was it just the kids that used the trampoline or did you have a little bounce sometimes. What a lovely selection of bags by your bag ladies

  3. Isn't it such fun to see how different the bags turn out.

  4. You're going to love your new found garden space! What fun!
    The QAYG totes are gorgeous! This must be on my to-do list some day.

  5. I love all the bags! Have fun sorting out your newly-discovered bit of garden!

  6. I so wished I lived nearby so I could come to your classes. These are great bags, I especially like the butterfly ones.


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