Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Caring for Bees and Orphans!

When I visit my lovely Brit Bees, I always come away with more than I arrive!

Brit Bee Gifts! Mar14

I have unashamedly pinched some of these pics from Susan's blog. Hadley made us all these fab Brit Bee key fobs, and my ridiculous grin there on the right is because I'm holding a beautiful gift quilt from Trudi! Just the binding to stitch down and then I'll take some proper pics of it, promise!

Susan's HR donated quilt to Bee Blessed

You may have seen this Heather Ross quilt recently on Susan's blog.  She is gifting it to Bee Blessed - thank you my lovely!

Quilted blocks for Alison Mar14

Ceri passed me some of her 'early works' to use for Bee Blessed or other good cause.  As the blocks were all bigger than 12.5" I decided to quilt them, then trim them down to 12.5" and send them over to Alison for her Mexican Quilts Appeal (Soy Amado).  Alison will sew all donated quilted blocks together to make quilts for former street kids in Mexico. Take some time to read about her visit at Christmas and the inspiration behind this great cause.

On Saturday I'm teaching my first Crochet workshop.  I wanted to have a wee sample of crochet edging to add to my growing pile of samples, so I edged this summery vintage pillowcase.

Crochet edged vintage pillowcase I think edged pillowcases are so pretty! I could also see this edging being used along the bottom of a summery skirt!  Another idea to add to my 'bucket list'!

Have a lovely day!

Jude xo


  1. Hope you were able to squeeze two quilts into your hand luggage! Adore the crochet edging - it's somewhere in the middle of my bucket list!

  2. Lots of love swirling about there.x

  3. wondering where the bee blessed group in England is based, no doubt it is no where near Leeds knowing my luck but would be great if there was one nearby. I too have sent some blocks to Alison, such a good cause.

  4. Your grin is ridiculously lovely as are your BB mates and their generosity :)

  5. Lovely! So many gorgeous quilts for a good cause. And now you start crochet? I really need to come over. Do you pinch through the fabric?

  6. What a great bee you're in! I'm in a different but equally great one ;o)

  7. It's always nice to take home more than you came with. Honestly though, giving away quilts 'cos you can't be arsed with the binding... ;o)

    1. Haha! It's one way to get more finished!


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