Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Squared!

Today I got my 112 charms cut up for the Fluffy Sheep Quilting Rainbow Charm Swap.  Can you guess what colour I was allocated?

Pink Charms for FSQ Rainbow Charm swap Apr13
Riley Blake - Pink Jack
I've also been squaring up some Bee blocks for April:

Whirlygig Block for Karen - Hipbees Apr13
Whirlygig Block for Karen/Hipbees
Wonky Chevron Block for Eva - MIB Apr13
Wonky Chevron Block for Eva/Modern Irish Bee
I also got my Brit Bee blocks finished today too, but they'll get a post all of their own tomorrow!

Hope you've had a lovely stitchy Sunday!


  1. Pink! Pink is the best colour, I got red I'm cutting my charms tomorrow, love that wonky chevron block :)


  2. Hi Judith! Beautiful blocks! I love the wonky chevron - that's going to be fantastic quilt! Have a lovely Sunday evening! x Teje

  3. I got mine cut yesterday. Love your pinks, can't wait to receive all these charms

  4. loving the chevrons especially!

  5. Pink is good! Nice bee blocks, the chevron one is really effective. Did you use a tutorial? Di x

  6. Busy day, love the wonky chevrons too.

  7. Nice pink! Looking forward to getting my share.

  8. Eee! Gorgeous squares! They're so pretty! Loving Eva's blocks too. They look great!

  9. Ooh, that chevron block is fantastic!! What size is it overall?


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