Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hugs & Kisses!

Some of you may remember making Hugs and Kisses blocks for Bee Blessed a few months back.

Well here is the first of 2 H&K quilts to get finished!

Bee Blessed Hugs & Kisses Quilt 004

Can you see your blocks yet?  It was so wonderful to get enough blocks to make 2 quilts!  This one is being donated to a young couple who have recently been bereaved.  The other one is in progress and will be donated to a young girl who has recently lost her mum.

Bee Blessed Hugs & Kisses Quilt 001
Backed with turquoise polka dot & bound in scrappy purples!
Thank you everyone for contributing to the making of this quilt.

And if you remember making crazy patchwork blocks waaaaay back, have a look here to see if you can spot your blocks.

Well, I've just eaten a doorstep size slice of my daughter's lemon curd cake (oh how I love cake!) so I'm off for a wee Sunday afternoon nana nap!


  1. That's wonderful, Judith! Great, simple pattern and shows those beautiful fabrics so well! Looks soft and cosy! x Teje

  2. More wonderful quilts. You continue to amaze me.

  3. it is so bright and cheerful x

  4. Lol, you'd need a nap after 2 quilts and cake ;o) It looks great though :o)

  5. It is a pretty quilt. I hope that you had a good nap! Di x

  6. Judith ....the are just beautiful - bright happy quilts to bring a smile and hugs at very difficult times. It's lovely to see so much kindness. Marie

  7. Oh, it's just gorgeous! Logo looks especially nice hanging there in the sun!

  8. super great colors and perfect pattern. Also this will sound a bit silly however in my excitement and of my newest fun top done I was lost on how to get the picture taken. I never thought of the cloths line. How wonderful you opened my tunnel vision. Now people will get to see my quilts and not me... SMILES

  9. Great quilt for a great cause. Hope you enjoyed your nap :)


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