Saturday, 13 April 2013

Real Women Have Curves 2

Today, 8 more brave and enthusiastic women stripped off their nether regions to make up their very own bespoke skirt patterns!

Skirt Workshop Apr13

Some of these gorgeous skirts just need finished off at the hem!  Aren't they lovely!  We have A line and Pencil, tweeds & linens, side zips and back zips!

What a lovely way to spend a wet Saturday!  Job well done ladies!


  1. You are a clever bunch of sewists. I think that you have all done a good job. Di x

  2. Oh my, stripping on a Saturday afternoon, what is my mother city coming to... ;o)

  3. Another successful class from you!

  4. Real women evidently make great skirts too!

  5. that post just reminded me that my 2013 resolution is to learn how to sew a proper skirt :)

  6. There's nothing like a bit of stripping to cheer up a miserable Saturday!


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