Sunday, 6 January 2013

Causing Ripples!

I have fulfilled 2 January bee commitments so far this month!

Firstly, D9P in Field Study for Colette (Hipbees):

Hipbees block D9P Jan13

Colette didn't want traditional D9P, and gave us permission to go completely mad random!

Second, Diamond Ripples (known 'in house' as something else entirely!) for Hadley (Brit Bee):


This is another one of Hadley's mahusive blocks (24") which was even more of a pleasure to make because she so kindly had all those horrible lovely little hsts pre-cut - no trimming required! Yippee!

I love the orange/pink and grey combo!

I've also made a start on Hector's House 2, which will be called 'Wee Brother's House'!


At this stage, the jury is still out as to whether or not I wrestle with another elasticated pocket!

Hope you've had a relaxing Sunday!


  1. Lovely makes as usual. Love the colours/fabrics Hadley picked out for you.

  2. Fab blocks. I'm sure the 'in house' title for Diamond Ripples is very tasteful! It's a stunning looking block - isn't H clever getting everybody to make 4 blocks in one! Do you think the HSTs really work better when they've been cut like this with the Sizzix?

  3. Great bee blocks, love Hadley's fabrics

  4. Diamond Ripples looking fantastic.
    No rest here, had a workshop!

  5. Goodness me, how much can you get done in a day?!! Loving Had's block.

  6. Teacher's pet ;o) They look great though

  7. They're fabulous!! I've been knitting...

  8. Oh thank you - my block looks sooooo lovely - I can't wait to piece them all, looking so much better than in my head!

    Loving the other stitching too xxx

  9. Fab bee blocks and do the elastic thingy for old Hector 2 as you will regret it if you don't! Di x

  10. I think I might send my blocks to you to do for me this month! Lovely job, love the one for Hadley in particular!

  11. I feel a bit responsible for that block from Hadley, at least she did all the cutting. And another cover, maybe you should make a pattern, or make it into a class?

  12. my blocks are gorgeous and thanks for doing them!! love Hadley's fabrics and colour combos are great! x

  13. This is FILLED with gorgeous blocks. What fab bees you're in :)


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