Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Few Recycling Ideas!

As I patiently wait to find out who my Mouthy Stitches swap partner will be (tonight's the night!) I thought I'd show you a couple of things I've recycled.

Baby daughter wants a doorstop, because her sisters each have one in their rooms, and at the grand old age of 10, she's wanting a bit more privacy!

So take an unwanted pair of gaudy orange Benetton trousers ....

no I didn't buy them, they were hand-me-downs!
 .... some delicious scraps that totally represent the personality of this child, and follow Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial to get this:

Fill with 1.5kg of dried peas, and that's one happy child!

The other thing I've recycled is a shower curtain for when I'm spray basting smaller items.

I don't think I'll ever go back to pinning and tacking again, but spraying smaller items in ones sewing room inevitably leaves sticky residue on mats and surfaces.

So lay down a machine washable shower curtain on the floor, and spray til your heart's content!  

After several uses, when the shower curtain becomes too sticky, simply throw in the washing machine, let it dry and then you're good to go again!

I also reuse clean shower curtains in the linings of wash bags and beach bags!!

So that's your recycling tips for today.

I'm all ready now for my all important flickr mail tonight, got me some of these ...

...and then the stalking begins!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Lovely wee doorstop! I've got a shower curtain saved aside for those very reasons... (and not because I'm a total hoarder...)

  2. I know who your partner is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Doorstop? I don't understand! Can't you simply close the door?

  4. That's a fantastic doorstop, I hope the wee person is now a very happy girly :) I loved the design when I saw it on Lynz's blog some time ago! I still have my 'thing' to get Hadley back you know! snigger!

  5. hahahaha Rhonda made me laugh!!
    Turning those icky jeans into something beautiful (and I think useful!!) is genius - it took all my strength not to make a pun then!
    Great tips and very creative :)

  6. love the doorstop, those colours are fab. Can't wait to fins partner details later!

  7. Cool doorstop, and if the mouse poison doesn't work, you can always drop it on Jerry's head ;o)

  8. Gaudy orange trousers made gorgeous orange doorstop! Not sure I'd want to get squished mouse on it though. Cool recycling tips esp the shower curtain basting protection. Hadley is v mean to tease you re her partner - I really think you should send her something in brown as punishment!

  9. Never ever would have thought of a door stop, but boy this would really finish off any room nicely. What a great idea :)

  10. It's lovely and a great use of recycled fabrics. I am now, after reading the comments, confused about what one does with a door stop in your neck of the woods. We use them to either keep those doors that close all the time by themselves open or to stop the drafts, what do you use them for?

  11. Love the door stop! Thanks for the shower curtain idea!


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