Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bee-ing Busy!

Yesterday was Bee Blessed day.

We were small in number, but no less busy.

Laying out the 'Mostly Greens' set

'Mostly browns' set

'Mostly Pinks' Set
There will also be a 'Mostly Blues' set, which has almost the required number of blocks, and then we can lay that one out too!

Almost ready for quilting!
Thank you lovely bloggers if you donated blocks.  I hope you are able to see them in my rather blurry pics (except if you made blue ones! But rest assured, they are being used!).

Thank you also for the lovely sampler blocks which are starting to come in.  They look amazing and we are already getting excited about the wonderful quilts they are going to make!  Don't forget to post a pic of your block on our flickr group.

Until next time!


  1. Wow! They look great! I like how you broke them down into "mostly" groups. They look like a happy family that way. Well done, ladies!

  2. Oh the grannies are going to be so happy!!

  3. Those are looking fab, well done to everyone who contributed :o)

  4. LOL I was gonna say what Hads said... Great work!

  5. Those are looking wonderful!

  6. what a lot of lovely quilts - well done on all your hard work

  7. More fabulous work from the group of you. Well done!

  8. You rock, Judith!! This is such a great project. And I love your categories the mostly (fill in blank with color here) set! It works!! I plan on contributing once I'm feeling "caught up" with life! (Maybe in February?) Keep up the great work!


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