Thursday, 21 April 2011

Rag Quilted Picnic Rug

I love rag quilting!  Even though it's messy (threads everywhere!) I love the end result when you pull it out of the tumbledryer and everything is fluffy and cuddly.

I'll be teaching this technique to my class in June so thought I'd better rustle one up for them to see.

Modelled by daugher no. 3

.... and daughter no. 2 + dog (with slipper!) gets in on the action!
This is a great method of quilting for those of you daunted by quilting larger pieces (like me!) as each of the 'bricks' get quilted separately and then joined together.

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  1. Another cute, cuddly quilt! Do you ever take time to sleep? I just love the orange/blue colours together, it looks great!


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