Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Light And Leaves!

We had the most gloriously sunny day today!

I tried to capture the light on the limited features in my small garden.

Light in my garden

Light in my garden

Light in my garden

Light in my garden

Isn't light so inspiring, and seems to make everyone feel much more positive! One of my daughter's names means 'bringer of light' and she does just that, every day!

And here are a few more leaves to tell you about!

Applique Leaf Cushion (Sewing World May16)
Photo courtesy of Sewing World Magazine

This is my Applique Leaves Cushion in the current (May) issue of Sewing World, out now!

Applique can be a little intimidating for novices, especially when thinking of satin or blanket stitching the edges. 

'Raw edge applique' is a great way to introduce new shapes and pictures to your quilting.

This pattern uses bondaweb to fix the stem and leaves in place, and simple top stitching close to the raw edges completes the picture. No special foot needed, no changing the stitch settings on your machine.  Simple, fun and quick!

So if you've never tried applique yet, why not have a go at raw edge applique!  The possibilities are endless!

Happy sewing!

Jude xo

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