Thursday, 25 June 2015

Picnic Carry Cushions!

Someone told me it was summer!  Though you might not always think it around here!

But if you are lucky enough to be getting some warm sunshine, how about making a handy Picnic Carry cushion!

In print! Picnic carry cushion

In the July issue of Sewing World you will find my pattern for making piped and non-piped cushions.

These are great for taking to picnics, camping, outdoor festivals or right at home in your garden. 

Patio/Picnic cushions

You can make them using quilting cotton, deco weight or even recycled denim!

Denim picnic cushion

If you've never tried piping before, give it a go! You will find it easier than you think!

Get out there and enjoy your summer!

Jude xo


  1. They are lovely and very practical. Always like "mattress" fabric.

  2. Perfect timing - I've just spray painted chairs the kitchen and they could do with a bit of padding!

  3. They are perfect! Just the pillows I need. Beautiful

  4. These are lovely, and are so nice for outdoor chairs.

  5. Fabulous cushions and congratulations on being published (again!) xx


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