Wednesday, 4 March 2015


In Bee Blessed we have collected quite a few 'orphan' blocks over the years.

A block can become an 'orphan' for a variety of reasons e.g.

* where we have made/received too many for the final number used in a quilt
* it's the wrong size
* it was too gender specific e.g. too girly, where we were making up a boy quilt
* randomly donated blocks from our generous quilting community

We have made sampler blocks in the past, and I thought it was time to adopt our orphan blocks back into the quilting fold!  For those of you who have donated blocks over the years, see if you can spot yours in these quilt tops!

Orphan Sampler 1:

Bee Blessed orphan sampler top 1

Orphan Sampler 2:

Bee Blessed orphan sampler top 2

Orphan Sampler 3:

Bee Blessed orphan sampler top 3

Orphan Sampler 4 (baby quilt):

Bee Blessed orphan quilt top 4 (baby)

We also donated some quilted 12" blocks to Alison last year for her Soy Amado appeal.  This means as from today there is only 1 orphan block remaining! Not bad eh!!

And more Bee Blessed progress - Sarah put her Farmer's Wife blocks to good use and rustled up this gorgeous baby quilt.

Bee Blessed Farmer's Wife baby quilt

A simple bordered donated quilt was finished off with bunting and binding.

Bee Blessed Bunting baby quilt

A baby quilt made with donated charm squares.

Bee Blessed baby quilt

And just look at how well our 'Strip Step' blocks are coming together!

Bee Blessed Strip Step blocks

Thank you again for your continued support and donations. As you can see we try to use everything we receive, eventually!! Hope you are having a great week! Jude xo


  1. You've really done a fab job with the orphan blocks. All of those quilts look great! Strip steps looks so much more effective from this camera angle than when we were crawling about the floor with it!

  2. These look fabulous! And the strip steps is such an effective block- so many possible combinations

  3. Hi Judith! These are all Super beautiful! Fun pattern with the stripes! x Teje

  4. What wonderful quilts! They all look amazing.

  5. Don't they look great together? Love that even those that don't quite "fit" still have a chance to keep someone warm. You guys are pretty great.

  6. Wow those orphan blocks are great. Well done. They all look fab.

  7. Great to see everything used up which essentially is I guess, what patchwork is all about. You girls do good work,xx

  8. it is wonderful that all these blocks are being used and will bring love and comfort to someone xx

  9. It's great that you found a use for those blocks! I just shove orphans out of sight! Maybe I should have been sending them to you.

  10. For orphan blocks made in isolation they work really well together in all the quilts!

  11. the orphans are looking right at home!

  12. Oh so much quilt loveliness in one post.

  13. I think it's amazing what you do with all the blocks, so great to see nothing is wasted!

  14. Well don't those orphans all play nicely together, well done all!

  15. Just caught up with this inspiring post. No excuses any more for "I don't know what to do with this"! Those bunting pennants are a fantastic, transferable idea. Many thanks.

  16. They all look fabulous - well done to the BB team!


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