Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Lola Pouch!

I've had the great privilege again of pattern testing for the uber talented Svetlana!

Lola Pouch

This is called The Lola Pouch!

There are 2 sizes available, and so far I have made the larger one.

Once again, Svetlana's patterns are really easy to follow and well written.  I love the binding detail at the tops of these cute pouches (completely machine stitched), and the option to have your zipper tab tucked inside, or peeping out!

Lola Pouch

I like this bigger pouch because it is perfect for my larger EPP projects.  Everything fits into the pouch so comfortably, and it's roomy enough to find things easily.

And if you pop on over to Svetlana's blog, you can not only see the original Lola Pouches, as well as all the other versions from the pattern testers, but you can buy the pattern at the discounted price of $6!


Jude xo


  1. your pouch is wonderful Judith. I just love the fabrics you combined, they make for such super chic pouch. Thanks for all your help :)

  2. Hi Judith! This looks Super! Your Fabrics and lining are beautiful! I saw this pattern at Svetlana's and really like the binding. x Teje

  3. It's lovely - love the binding above the zip!

  4. This is darling! I cut one out tonight and can't wait to see how that zip goes together!

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