Saturday, 10 January 2015

Outstanding; In Progress; Completed!

It's Saturday already! Crikey!  Where does the time go?

Anyway, time for a little progress update!

When I used to work in an office I had 3 trays: Outstanding; In Progress and Completed. Still now, years later, more of my work is sitting in the preverbial Outstanding and In Progress trays rather than in the Complete one!

Rail Fence Cot Quilt
Super snuggly fleece on the back!
The baby quilt I've been making as a shop sample is pieced and quilted.  Just need to pick up some binding fabric and this one can move into 'Completed'.

Over Christmas I started (another) EPP project, so I could be sociable with my girls and watch a ridiculous number of movies with them!

EPP Dilly Bag in Joel Dewberry

These Joel Dewberry hexies will become another Dilly Bag (you can see my first one here). I'm hoping to inspire some of the ladies in my classes with this cute project.

Finally for today, another project I started over Christmas holidays!

Crochet top

You may remember this pattern I bought.  This is as far as I've got with the back.  I'm up to the armpits (or as we say here, the Oxters!!). I'm not experienced in crocheting clothes, so I'll have to really concentrate when following the next few stages of the pattern (no watching Hugh Jackman movies at the same time then!!).

I hope you are having a 'not too chilly' weekend.

Bye for now!

Jude xo


  1. lovely projects Judith. Hope you'll be able to move them into completed pile very soon.

  2. All are gorgeous and I want to reach into my computer screen to stroke the baby quilt!

  3. I love all these projects! (I wouldn't need three trays - the completed one would be utterly redundant!!)

  4. The Scottish side of my family say oxters too. I LOVE those hexies!!!

  5. Loving the colour in that crochet, gorgeous! No idea how to get past yer oxters though, since I can't crochet or knit ;o)

  6. what an interesting list! something for every mood. i started an epp project for the same reason this christmas. great minds ;) xx

  7. crochet up to the oxters.... lol hard to concentrate with mr jackman on the box tho....

  8. Great way to organise and keep Hugh for those non stitchy moments!

  9. I love those Dewberry hexes. The colours together are so cheerful and it has a lovely sense of unity.

  10. Love the hexies, I understand what you mean bout having some sociable sewing!!

  11. Everything's beautiful but that crochet? To die for x

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