Sunday, 21 December 2014

'Me' Sewing!

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So now that work has finished and Christmas preparations are fairly well wrapped up (!!) I've managed a bit of 'me' sewing the past few days.

The other night, while I was wrapping presents, I sat down on my heels and ripped the backside right out of my cotton pj bottoms!  Talk about draughty!!

PJ bottoms in dotty fleece

So out came the dotty fleece I had bought ages ago (always intended for PJ bottoms) and within an hour I had some cosy new PJs bottoms!  That was the draught sorted!

Next, this wee make only took half an hour!

Microwave bowl cosy

I'm always burning my fingers on a hot bowl of microwave porridge each morning, so I found this tutorial and in no time at all I had a microwave bowl cosy!

It works a treat, so I'll be making a few more of these!

And finally, I unearthed a tunic pattern I've had knocking around for ages! Here's my progress so far.

My first tunic - progress

Apart from a few simple skirts, tops and pj bottoms, I'm very inexperienced when it comes to dressmaking.  But I'm enjoying taking my time on this, trying to make sense of the pattern (!!) and going off pattern more than once!

Despite this, it's a good fit so far and I've a few more ideas on how to dicky it up more! I'm loving the vintage sheet peter pan collar with the denim chambray/cotton!

Hope you have had a great weekend!

Jude xo


  1. Those are cute 'draught stoppers'! I've had my eye on those microwave bowl cozies - thanks for the link ..... just need to buy the cotton batting. Looks like you're going to do just fine with dressmaking - enjoy.

  2. now these are such fantastic projects Judith. I love that you did some sewing just for yourself. It all looks beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous pj's! I made some this afternoon for him though not me. I LOVE the collar on that tunic (and the tunic too), looks like a brilliant job, sounds like there is more to it so look forward to seeing it finished and modelled!

  4. really lovely makes sweetie!

  5. had a little giggle about the pyjamas. I find fleece far too warm personally. What a good ider the bowl cosy is and the tunic looks super duper, The collar really sets it off. I always used to make my own clothes then I discovered embroidery then quilting and no more clothes are made!

  6. Love the porridge coaster. Going to make one for Peter. Thanks for the link.
    Can't wait to see the tunic.

  7. Your tunic looks fab. Can't wait to see it finished and worn!

  8. you have been busy, I don't need fleecy pjs, I have internal heating!

  9. forgot to wish you and yours a happy Christmas

  10. Wow! Love that tunic, especially the vintage Peter Pan collar!

  11. It's always nice to take some me time for sewing, and your me makes look great :o)


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