Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Nice Surprise!

When I returned from my weekend away, the lamp-post outside my house had been yarn-bombed!

Yarn bombed!

What a nice touch! Now I can look out my sewing room window and admire someone else's creativity!

I got a few additional items made for big sister's shop this week (I know I said I wasn't making anymore!).

Tissue Pouches, shop stock
Tissue pouches

Teabag wallets
Teabag wallets
But this is definitely the last installment (famous last words!)

And in case you thought we've forgotten about Bee Blessed this month, just a wee reminder that the Strip Steps block that was set in November will continue through December.

Jude xo

Message for Lindsey: Thank you for your comment Lindsey, inquiring about where my fabric sale is. As you are a 'no reply comment' blogger I'm unable to reply directly to you.  The fabric sale next week will be in Christian Fellowship Church, Holywood Road, Belfast.


  1. You know these little bags just get me every time. I truly need to sit down and make some. I bet they sell like hotcakes.

  2. Love the yarn bomb! I wish someone would do that in Bangor. Thanks for getting back to me and I hope to see you next week.

  3. How cool is that, I've never actually seen one' in the flesh', so to speak, lucky you with this great view x

  4. Hi Judith! That was adorable surprise! I love your little cases! x Teje

  5. brilliant to be yarn bombed! If only all our bombs were yarn, and if only all our stories were yarn. (need to get out more, I know)

  6. Loving the yarn bombed lamp post!

  7. Love the yarn bombing, how much fun is that to see it every day! I love making tissue pouches and often pair them with a normal pouch as gifts. I haven't made teabag pouches but can really see the need for one, I only drink herbal tea and lots of people don't have tt so it is useful to have some with me. x


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