Saturday, 12 October 2013


I love the excitement of finishing night in class!  Seeing the pleasure and satisfaction on the faces of my ladies as they hold up their finishes - aahhhh, there's nothing like it!

Beginners class Oct13 003

This is my latest beginners class.  There are a few ladies missing, but 6 weeks ago, most of these ladies had never touched a sewing machine before!  Just look at what they've produced!

Beginners class Oct13 001
And all of those cushions have concealed zippers in the back!
Well done ladies! I hope you enjoy many more happy hours of sewing.

And here are the finished (& almost finished) Pixelated Heart Quilts from my Thursday night class.

Pixelated Heart Class Oct13

How stunning are they?  I can't wait to see these beauties displayed at our exhibition on 9/11.  If you fancy making one of these yourself, you can find the pattern here.

My Friday morning class were making Messenger bags, but I haven't got pics of them all yet so will show you their fabulous bags another day!.



  1. Talented ladies with lovely projects.

  2. Your students are great, they have such a talented teacher.

  3. Wow! Especially love those pixelated heart quilts... So cool!

  4. Fantastic work and I'm sure you have so much fun in your classes! Just wish I could be there! have a lovely week, Judith! x Teje

  5. Wonderful creations...such talented ladies

  6. Well done to all, that's going to make a great exhibition :o)

  7. Fabulous! So many lovely things and the hearts just looks great!

  8. Your students have made some fantastic cushions and pixellated hearts. Congrats to them and their teacher. Di x


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