Sunday, 13 October 2013

Carol Doak is a Genius!

There are a few changes afoot this year in Brit Bee.

Firstly, our precious mate Terri is stepping down for a bit (but as Judith D found out, you never really leave Brit Bee!). 

Bloggers Shindig May'13 020
T Bone - we salute you!
The lovely Di is stepping into the breach, which wasn't a big step for her at all as she was practically a Brit Bee-er already anyways!

Bloggers Shindig May'13 031
Welcome Di! (far right)
This year in Brit Bee we are doing something completely different, and so exciting it will make your toes curl!!

We are going to shamelessly jump on the Medallion band-wagon! 

The 'Clever Ones' in the group have crunched the numbers and logistics of making a medallion design work through the whole group.  This means we start off making our centre block, send it out into the Brit Bee ether, and over a year later we will get back our finished medallion quilt top!  How cool is that!

I love that we will all make a contribution to each others' quilts, be working more from stash, and won't know quite what our finished quilt will look like until it hits the door mat at the end!!

I would love to display my first medallion quilt in my newly decorated front room.  I've taken these fabrics and colours as my inspiration and point of reference, (though the actual fabrics don't have to be used).

From Design Seeds
And using the 'New Jersey' foundation pieced star from this book ....

Carol Doak - FP Genius!

....I made my centre star and block, ready to pass onto the next person in line!

Brit Bee Medallion centre oct13 001

Unfortunately the colours in this picture aren't very true, but I'm hoping for duck egg greens and teals, creams and taupes, with accents of raspberry red and vintage green.

I really enjoyed foundation piecing this centre star, despite finishing late last night and discovering a wee hole!!! Aagghhh.

But I managed to patch it up, thanked Carol Doak in my head for providing such an ace pattern, and got it swiftly parcelled it up before I found anymore mistakes!!

It will be on its way to you Ceri this week!



  1. Oh wow it's simply stunning - this time next year I'll be looking forward to the finished version!

  2. Oooh, looking good! I'm hoping I have enough in my stash for my November round, then I'll know everyone's colour choices to go shopping in the Black Friday sales to stock up on the 'lacking' bits!

  3. Looks fab, and you're right, Carol Doak is a genius when it comes to pp, and clearly so are you!! :o)

  4. Ooh your quilt is going to be so lovely! Totally love your starting block.

  5. Can't wait for the music to start and we all play pass-the-parcel!

  6. Oh wow what an amazing block. I have a bit of wall (blogged about it earlier) and I think it needs a quilt and I have been pondering whether to make a medallion. They do seem very popular since the Liberty Book

  7. Fabulous! A weeny bit jealous of what a fun bee year this will be for all of you.

  8. I knew you would come up with a totally unique star. Can't wait until it comes my way and I can add my bit,

  9. Wonderful star and I like your colour choices. Let the passing begin! Di x

  10. Fab. That's the beginning of a spectacular medallion right there!

  11. Love love love your star Jude! I'm starting to freak out a bit because I can't decide on a star, or a colour scheme!

  12. Poor Fiona! You set the bar high Jude!


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