Thursday, 31 October 2013

Crazy Critters!

Craft Sale Crazy Critters Tissue Pouches
Tissue Pouches
These might be appropriately timed for 31st October, but they are actually craft stall items for our Bee Blessed fund raiser next week.

I made the denim/pink one for my young niece, whose birthday is also next week.

Hollys Birthday pressies

She's mad about pink, so I made her a cute wee pouch too!  Inside the pouch is a teeny weeny jar of fimo flumps, made by my daughter!

Well I'm off to class. Fingers crossed it won't be too scary!!



  1. Those are brilliant. I cannot wait to hear how things go next week.

  2. These are fab, good luck with them. x

  3. They're going to be a total hit!

  4. they are such fun x hope all goes well with the sales x


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