Friday, 31 May 2013

A Global Village!

Firstly a wee note for Helen Jean.  Thank you so much for your kind offer to Bee Blessed.  Unfortunately you are a 'No reply comment' blogger so I have no way of contacting you.  Please could you send me your email address and we can get chatting!!


Many years ago I attended a lecture where the speaker referred to our world as a 'Global Village'!  Attending the lecture were people from 25 different countries! Meeting people from far flung countries certainly makes our world feel smaller!

More recently I'm experiencing the same global community among quilting bloggers. Today I got to meet a quilting blogger from Australia!

Marie & I!
Marie is a native to Belfast, but now lives in Oz.  I'm so pleased she got in touch with me on her home visit.  She came along to my class and fitted right in!

She has made this wonderful quilt in Australian Flora fabrics, and she also showed us her in-progress wedding ring quilt, being sewn by hand!

Isn't it wonderful how complete strangers can become instant friends over the commonality of quilting!

Thank you Marie for taking the short hop across the world to meet me (*wink *wink!).

And you can find out more about Marie's creative makes here on her blog.

Happy Friday!



  1. What a great post summing up why I love blogging! Nice photo of the two of you :-)

  2. wow great photo and quilt too!

  3. How lovely that quilting brings together people from right round the world. Nice photo of you both (Hope you don't mind me saying that you look younger in this one than in your profile picture - though that is lovely too!)

  4. The blogging quilty community is just the best. Di x

  5. That quilt looks fabulous. The quilting community is certainly the best

  6. What everyone else said, I come to realise more and more what a great community it is, and I love being part of it :o)

  7. What a great photo and this one of the great things about online communities that transfer offline

  8. Hi Jude will have to change that no reply thing, have never actually blogged yet! You can contact me at Look forward to hearing from you!

  9. It's a small world after all ;)

  10. I met a quilting blogger last week from Canada - small world isn't it?

  11. Love meeting all the globe trotting bloggers :o)

  12. Judith ........firstly my apologies as my comment didn't appear to go through. Thank you soooo.......oh much for allowing me to attend your beautiful class and share a coffee with you. It was fabulous to meet you in person and all the lovely ladies that you were teaching. It gave me a boost to be surrounded by fellow quilters and I just loved all the beautiful work that was going on. Thankyou for referencing my blog. I am back in the land down under after a wonderful trip catching up with family and friends. Thankyou for making it special Marie xxx

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