Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Few More Ticks!

The ticks I'm referring to aren't the nervous kind of twitches (which I'm not a million miles away from developing!).

Amongst the endless (& continuing) saga of boiler repairs, over sensitive electrical trip switches (no kettle now!), getting an iron that actually works, and now a sick child, I somehow managed a few Christmas finishes this week!

These are for 2 of my nephews:  First for the rugby player, made in his team colours:

Next the nephew who got the matching colour brick quilt from me in June this year:

Also, some mugrug sets (can't mention who they're for! Sssshhhh!):

I got my secret santa pressie finished for a lovely Brit Bee lady, but not allowed to show you that yet!

And talking of the Brit Bee, it's my turn next, as Miss January, to set the other 11 gals to work on a block of my choosing!

The parcels are all made up and ready to be posted!

So watch out girls for Mr Postie!

And I'll leave you with my amazing Oasis Ladies, who this term made a stunning sampler quilt and matching cushion, which will be raffled off to raise funds for the charity.

Well done girls!

Judith xo


  1. What fabric is in the parcels ?????
    Tell me please !!!!!

  2. You're getting so much done despite all your drama's. I'm only just managing to finish up a few things I've already started. My pre Christmas productivity has gone down some what! I love the mug rug sets and the cushions are lovely too.

  3. You are soo busy! Send me some of your energy medicine please! I love the rugby quilt, where did you get the rugby players?

  4. You've done loads! I adore those cushions!
    Seriously the kettle?! The KETTLE!!! I would not be able to function!

  5. Cant wait to see what you've got planned.... hope things calm down soon...

  6. Are you managing to sleep, at all??
    Tell me you didn't create that rugby fabric yourself???

  7. Love the quilt and cushion the Oasis ladies made - please pass on my congratulations! Love the presents you've made and I can't wait to see what fabric, etc. is in your Bee envelopes!

  8. I really like that rugby fabric! What is it?
    I'm working on a color brick quilt right now. I love your brick cushions :)
    Oh and everything is breaking down for me too. The oven (a few weeks ago) the car (yesterday) and now a massive fence down the side of the garden has blown down :(
    Thankfully my kettle still works. I can't cope with life without my kettle!!!
    Hope everything gets fixed for you soon x

  9. You are doing great! I have had my cat at the emergency vet, and later I go back to the vet for a check, and now my furnace is not working properly so repair guy tomorrow. I hope he is better than your repair guy. Your pillows and mug rug sets are wonderful and your Oasis friends did a lovely job.

  10. Looking forward to getting at least one parcel from you - hee hee!!

  11. OMG! Are you sleeping?! Lets hope all your drama's are done with and you can have a restful and peaceful Christmas! Lovely makes, looking forward to seeing what's in the package :) Hope it comes with instructions too!

  12. Great 'men' makes. Your Oasis girls have done well too. I feel for you regarding the electrics. Hope you manage to keep warm.

  13. Oh no, can't believe there's more boiler drama and now electrical ones to boot! Hope they all get resolved quickly... You've done very well with the makes despite the traumas anyway :o)

  14. Hope those issues are all resolved now - can't think of life without a kettle - more port required I think! Great makes all and well done to your quilting group - hope they raise lots of money!


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