Friday, 2 December 2011

Don't Forget The Lonely!

The 5 completed Bee Blessed quilts were handed over today, for donation to needy local families.  These were 4 cot quilts and a single bed size D9P quilt all made by wonderful virtual and blogging friends! 

My prayer is that as these quilts are received into homes, with them comes the blessing of comfort and peace, especially at this time of year.  

I often forget that Christmas is not always a season of joy and pleasure for some, and in fact can be one of the most difficult events in their year.  I hope that the time, effort and talent invested in each of these quilts will be translated into a 'spoonful of sugar' in an otherwise sorrowful & difficult time.


In the post today I received something most unusual!

This is a needle book case made (& subsequently hated!) by the lovely Rhonda.  This poor wee case is now destined for a life of pilgrimage as it travels around the world, blogger to blogger .....


(am I making you cry yet?!)

Okay, cut the violins!  This is really just a bit of fun, and the lovely Susan passed Ugly Needle Case (UNC) to me (with a few little treats - thanks chick!).

I now have the onerous position of deciding who to pass UNC onto next (not before I give it a wee stroke and try to raise it's self-esteem a little!).  

Who will be next?
And before I get even more ridiculous (you can tell it's Friday!) just a few pics of this afternoon's quick makes for the 'Mummy I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow & I need a present!' request.

Pencil case & tissue pouch.

I'm reliably informed this cool chick is a Goth in the making but whose mum insists she still wears pink!  Hope I got the balance right!
Have a wonderful end to your week, relax, put your feet up and watch mindless telly!

Judith xo


  1. Yay for the f'ugly needle case (oh my writing is messy!)
    All the Bee Blessed quilts look beautiful - well done.
    Oh another generation of Goths, just what we need!!

  2. Love all the quilts, I'm sure they'll be gratefully received. Giggling at the discovery that you are the lucky recipient of such a fabulous sewing treasure... Think mum done good on the pressies, I love the idea of a goth in pink!

  3. I read about the needle case on Susan's blog and think it's a fab idea! Can't wait to read where it goes next! I love the detailing on your pressie combo. A goth having to wear pink must be difficult for her so I'm sure she'll love this pouch!

  4. LOL - just read Susan's post and your post. I'm sure every quilter or seamstress has had those moments of making something "ugly" :o)

  5. HeeHee! Glad I got my blog post before you did yours or people would have been really confused! Off the Ugly Needle Case goes on its travels. I can't wait to see how many places it gets to.

    And yeah for Bee Blessed and the quilts. Well done you, and everyone involved. And double yeah for making a Goth wanna be happy.

  6. The quilts a beautiful, I hope the recipients are happy too :) Nicely timed indeed.

    LOL the Fugly is a great idea!

    Nice wee gifties too! All round fab post J!x

  7. Those quilts are amazing and will certainly make for a joyful Christmas for someone. I am so glad to see the UNC (fugly is much more fitting) is making its way around the world. I missed Susan but am able to catch you - maybe we can add location to the list...just so we can all see just how well traveled "it" is.

  8. I love the Bee Blessed quilts - I hope the recipients are comforted by them...
    Wonder where the needle case is going next?!

  9. Isn't the DP9 quilt a treaure - hope it and the others make a difference.

  10. The quilts all look great and hope they find their way to someone's heart! Sent with all our best wishes ! Great emergency presents!

  11. Ha ha I am loving this travelling needlecase! Lovely quilts, great to know they are going to good homes. And I think the pencil case is fab!

  12. The fugly needlecase is so funny, someone should make an 'i received the fugly needlecase' button or give it it's own blog!
    I think the gifts look perfect! Hope she likes them :)

  13. Oh, I hope you show that needle case some sights before you send it on. Surely it deserves a picture or two of its travels. I wonder, I could show it a good time in snowy Canada, if it were wanting to come this way next.

  14. lol, love the fugly needle case. It really should collect a local pic or postcard on each step of its travels!!
    Those quilts are so great. I'm really hoping to be able to start contributing blocks early in the New year when my to do list will be much calmer!

  15. I don't know how I missed this, you got THE needlecase! brill, love the "FUNC" title too :) x


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