Sunday, 2 October 2011

A day of Blessings!

Yesterday was definitely a day of blessings!

While I was rushing around like a headless chicken getting ready for our 2nd gathering of Bee Blessed, Mr Postie delivered a sizeable package, all the way from Galway.

As I was opening it I was thinking 'it can't be; it can't be!' and it was! 2nd Small Goodie Swap from none other than super swap Mama Cindy (Fluffy Sheep Quilting)!

Cindy very wisely ditched the colour criteria I had given way back at the sign ups stage, and went with her gut.

She quickly realised we both liked a lot of the same things, so she made these gorgeous items which she loves just as much as I do!

Aren't they adorable?  My eldest daughter was with me when I opened Cindy's parcel and immediately fell in love with this snap closure pouch!  And the mugrug is so clever because it is reversible!  And as if that wasn't goodie enough, I also got this cute brooch in an even cuter wee box, a yummy fq of Amy Butler (not in pic) and a box of tea (Cindy knows I like my caffeine in the form of tea)!

Thank you so much to my new bloggy friend Cindy, for making for me, wrapping them all so beautifully, and organising a super small goodie swap!

If you've never visited Cindy's blog, I'd highly recommend it - she makes the loveliest things and is running a series on 'Start Your Own' on Thursdays, where guest bloggers who've set up their own businesses share ideas and inspiration.  Well worth a look!

Another blog well worth a look is my blogging buddy Susan (Canadian Abroad).  Susan not only writes hilarious posts, she makes gorgeous things and is currently doing a giveaway of 8 Punctuation fqs.  Hop on over for a chuckle and a chance to win.

Finally, a huge blessing came yesterday in the form of our gathering of Bee Blessed.  10 of us squished round Sarah's dining room table to turn all the amazing wonky star blocks that have been donated into cot sized quilt tops.

No.1 Girl Quilt

No.2 Girl quilt

No.1 Boy Quilt

No. 2 Boy Quilt
This last quilt top was kindly donated by Susan, which was quilted yesterday.

If you don't happen to see one of your stars in these quilts, don't worry.  We had a few left over which we are going to keep and either make up into cushions or another small quilt, so absolutely nothing will be wasted.

The team worked liked trojans yesterday - thank you all of you for investing in this project.  Next time we will get these lovelies quilted, bound and washed, ready for handing over to their new homes.  

For those of you keen to get started on another block, I will be posting details soon - watch this space!


  1. Thanks for the shout out about the swap. Amazing goodies from Cindy and so pleased that you got them. And love the bee blessed star tops. They look brilliant and all those stars go so well together that you wouldn't know they were made by so many different people. Well done you and all your friends!

  2. Your swap goods are lovely! Those quilts tops look super, well done!

  3. The quilt tops look so lovely - I think I see at least one of mine in the 1st boy quilt but that seems very quick as I only posted last Monday so perhaps they`re not mine. Susan`s quilt top is so great! Cindy`s goodies are lovely - isn`t she fabulous?

  4. I hope you managed to put your feet up after all that - what an achievement and I am chuffed to bits to see my blocks in the boy quilt.

  5. Yes, it goes look like a day full of blessings!! Everything is just lovely-- from all your goodie items from Cindy to the quilt tops for Bee Blessed!! I'm already a fan and follower of both Susan and Cindy :0)

  6. Wonderful quilts - really amazing they work so well together! Lucky you getting Cindy's makes - I had my eye on that cute wee purse! But I bought one of the snap openings so may have to give it a try myself!

    Looking forward to the next block! What challlenge do you have up your sleeve!?

  7. Look at your awesome bee quilts! They're fantastic! I can't wait to see what's coming for October :)

    Aww, I'm so glad that you like what I sent your way. I really tried to make someting that would make you happy as you are super special yourself :)

  8. what a fabulous package you received from Cindy.
    its fantastic that you managed to make 3 quilt tops yesterday AND quilt susans donation-you must've all worked so hard - and how exciting to see my two stars in there! Well done on your hard work for such a worthy project

  9. Sorry I missed the first round, promise I'll join in for round 2!
    Lucky you though getting swap mama! Such beautiful makes :-)

  10. Yay for Cindy!!!!

    Like Sarah, I will be on the next round - it's been one of those months!

  11. Lucky duck, great mug rug and goodies :o)

    Love those quilts too, great job guys!

  12. The quilts are wonderful - you must all have worked hard yesterday afternoon!! Such a great swap parcel, you lucky thing!

  13. Oooooooooh gorgeous swap goodies! Yesterday's efforts photographed well, didn't they? Thanks for keeping us all on the straight and narrow!

  14. Hurrah for blessings! Great quilt tops and lovely goodies :)

  15. What a wonderful swap package and new fabrics too. The quilts look great, I see some stars in there that I sent too!

  16. Beautiful Swap goodies :) and equally beautiful tops to boot!

  17. Lucky you! And the BeeBlessed quilts look amazing! So sweet!

  18. Those swap goodies are amazing! I can see why your daughter fell in love with that pouch! I am awaiting your next Bee Blessed block request and keen to help out. xxx


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