Monday, 24 October 2011

Christmas Gifts Part 3

I have 2 Christmas Gifts classes this year, each lasting 3 weeks.

So I wanted to give folks a variety of gifts to choose from, that were fun and easy to make.
Yes my kitchen is red!
Potholders make great gifts because lots of us love to accessorise our kitchens, and the infinite range of designs possible make these versatile too.

I use Insul Bright heat resistant wadding in my potholders & trivets, so they are functional and practical, as well as stylish.

My pot holders finish up approx. 10".  They are a great wee project for using up scraps of fabric.

You can also have lots of fun experimenting with different quilting techniques on these mini quilts.

I hope these will inspire the lovely ladies who come to class this year. 

Have a lovely start to the week (despite the awful weather!).

Judith xo


  1. Another great & quick project.

  2. They're perfect for a class, aren't they? Adorable, usable and they're scrap friendly. Great idea.

  3. Lovely, they will definitely inspire your ladies, and a good size too, I once made a couple but they finished up at 6" square, not big enough!

  4. They are lovely! Great idea for a class!

  5. These look fab, I'm sure it will inspire them :o)

  6. Pretty and practical - though I guess no-one will really want to use them!

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  8. I love these. They look easy to do and would brighten up any kitchen.



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