Monday, 21 March 2011

New Fabric & Picnic Rugs

The postman almost got a hug from me this morning!

It's so rare that I order brand, shiney new fabric, but I stumbled across a fab UK fabric website called Gone to Earth.

They have great deals on fabric bundles by well known designers, and their P&P is first class (literally!).

Here's what I got:

Heather Bailey 'Nicey Jane'

I was originally thinking of a picnic blanket with these beauties, but can't bear the thought of using it for that!

Will design something special to show off these lovely prints.

And here's a wee peek at a picnic blanket I am working on.

My crude design!

I was given a metre of Kaffe Fasset fabric a couple of years ago, but have to admit I didn't like it much!  (It's the orange, zig-zaggy, floral print - I'm sure it has a proper name!). 

I am a bit adulterous when it comes to using fabric, I'm more than happy to mix designers with whatever else I've got e.g. the blue floral was a vintage sheet from a charity shop!

I've made a few changes since taking this pic.  Will have more to show you all soon.


  1. Thanks for link to Gone to Earth, super site.
    Was just wondering if you had ever thought of using EQ6 for designing for your classes. I have used it for a few years now, don't think I could have managed without it.

  2. Oo yea gone to earth has some beautiful stuff, think I got some hope valley last year :)

  3. What beautiful mail :-)


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