Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Denim & Selvedge Bag

So you know I was working (aka playing!) with some denim recently!  I'm working on a series of bags which I may teach in the Autumn term.

Well I got 2 bags completed today (you can thank the continuous rain since Sunday for that!).

Today I'll show you my Denim and Selvedges bag!

Repurposed denim & selvedge bag

Like most trends and fads, I was a latecomer to the selvedge craze, but I'm head over heels about them now! I think it appeals to my love of recycling textiles, especially when some designer selvedges are so adorably cute!

Denim projects

The front and back of this bag have the same design, just different selvedges used. The denim is all from recycled jeans, and the handle was a belt from another pair of jeans!

repurposed denim & selvedge bag

Bag linings are a great excuse to use loud and vibrant fabrics and I didn't hold back on this one!

Because of the pleat I couldn't insert my usual array of pockets, so I simply popped in a wee denim pocket (which was once on a child's dress) and a key fob to keep those keys handy!

The magnetic closure tab has been finished with a felt button given to me a while back by a lovely quilty friend.

Repurposed denim & selvedge bag

I really enjoyed many aspects of making this bag, especially using Coats Creative thread for the feature quilting. I haven't used this thread before, and just happened to have the right colour of 'jeans orange'. It's much thicker than standard thread, and you need a size 100 (jeans) needle, but the sewing was smooth and I will be on the lookout for more of this range (Gutterman Creative & Gutterman Jeans threads are not as thick as Coats Creative & I have still to try Aurifil 12wt).

My playtime continued with a little matching pouch to go with the bag.

Repurposed denim & selvedge bag

Clearly I couldn't stop sewing down those cute selvedges!

L: Porthole Hexie; R: EPP hexie
I've put an eyelet in the pouch too, so that it can be clipped onto the keyfob inside the bag. This will keep a sewing/crochet project handy to throw into the handbag on trips out!

Apologies for the long post for this one! It feels like I've been birthing this bag for a while and it's so satisfying seeing it not only complete, but turning out just how I imagined it!

Stay tuned this week for bag no.2!

Jude xo


  1. oooh, both the bag and the pouch are fabulous!!! Such a fun project, and so happy looking too :). Hope weather starts behaving for you.

  2. What a wonderful combination of selvages and denim! I love the pleat and button detail. Thanks for linking up with the Selvage Along!

  3. Jude, this bag is a triumph and I love all the detailing. If only I could be teleported to your class! 😍 Di x

  4. Oh I like these! And I have denim scraps and I have selvedge scraps ..,.

  5. Oh how very superb, love these projects especially the porthole. I'm sure they make a wonderful class.

  6. Hi Judith! I love your bag and long post! I like to see lots of photos and read about the process and inspiration. You have created fantastic bag! Doesn't look like a bag from old jeans, but modern and really beautiful! x Teje

  7. That bag! Wow! I love the pleat. Thank you so much for linking up!

  8. Oh my, I think I am in love with this bag. I love the happy colours and array of designs. Of course as it is made with mainly selvedges which could have been thrown away it is virtually free too. x

  9. Looks really great - i'm going to have to start saving selvedges now!

  10. Super in love! This is the best bag I've seen in a very long time. Love the various denims working together in the whole. :) Most excellent upcycle!


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