Thursday, 9 July 2015

Blocks and Bumps!

The 100 Quilts for Siblings Together 2015 was not only reached in time, it was surpassed!  The latest tally is 116!  How great is that!!  That means 116 kids, separated from their siblings by the care system, will this summer each receive a quilt at specially arranged camps.  You can read more about Siblings Together and donated quilts here.

Thank you everyone for your involvement and support this year.

The Siblings Together Together Bee2 continues on throughout the year, getting ready for next year's quilt drive. Yesterday I got July's block completed.

Siblings Together Bee 2 July block

This 15" block is called Squirrel at the Wheel and was set by Charlo/Quiltification - check out her great tutorial on making this block.

I'm glad I got the block made yesterday, because last night I had a little accident and am now trying (not very well!) to get around on these!


A leisurely walk with friends turned into a trip down a ditch, 4 hours in A&E and a chipped ankle bone and badly torn ligaments!  No walking, driving or sewing for me for a few days!

What a numpty!

But I'm more disappointed at not being able to travel tomorrow to meet up with my Brit Bees at Terri's Memorial service on Saturday! I know it will be a special day, celebrating the life of our dear friend.

I will be with them all in spirit!

Jude xo


  1. Oh no you poor thing. Hope you get better soon. That block is very cute!

  2. Yikes, that sounds like a nasty spill. I hope you heal quickly!

  3. Oh dear that sounds like a really nasty fall. Sorry it's messing up your plans.

  4. Hurrah for quilts for those children, boo to misadventure and sorry you will miss the special day. Take care and recover quick.

  5. Ouch! Hope you mend up soon!

  6. That sounds like a walk that you'd rather forget! I hope your ankle heals soon and I'm sorry you can't go to Terri's memorial xx

  7. Oh poor you - hope it soon heals and you are back to normal. x Jo

  8. Oh no Jude! That's rubbish all round! Sending you hugs and hoping for a speedy recovery xx

  9. Wishing you a quick recovery. Feel better soon x

  10. Poor you! That sounds like a really nasty fall. Hope you're on the mend soon!

  11. Oh, Judith! I am sorry. I do hope that you are a nice quick healer!


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