Thursday 10 March 2016

Easter Bibs Tutorial

Welcome back to the second tutorial in my mini Easter series, and thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and responses to my Bunny Bags tutorial.

Today's tutorial is for the youngest members of the chocolate fan club Family!

Baby Bibs Tutorial
Approx. 7.5" by 11" tall (buttoned)
These cute Easter bibs are so simple to make, using some cotton and towelling! In fact, 1 hand towel yields 5 bibs!

Baby Bibs Tutorial

Here's what you need:


Cotton (at least 8.5" wide by 14" tall per bib) good quality to withstand lots of washing!
1 white hand towel
1 set of snap fasteners

Method:  Assume 1/4" seams

Download the bib template here.

1. Using the bib template, cut out 1 from the cotton and 1 from the towel.

2. Place right sides together and sew around all sides, leaving a 2" gap in the bottom edge.

3. Carefully snip into all the curves at 1cm intervals. Turn bib right sides out through the gap. Press well and turn under the raw edges of the gap.

4. From the top side, sew around the bib 1/8" from the edge closing the gap as you go.

5. Attach snap fasteners according to the manufacturers instructions. I found these KAM fasteners really easy to use (for similar snaps and pliers see here).

And you're done!  Attach to baby (sorry, I don't have one of those!) and feed!

And if you have a real dribble bucket teething baby on your hands, check out this tutorial for making cute dribble bandanas.

Baby Bibs Tutorial

Have fun!

(I'll have more on my patchwork bibs tomorrow!)

Jude xo


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