Monday, 21 September 2015

Doing The Double!

At the risk of boring you all rigid, I'm pleased to show you my latest magazine submissions!

I didn't realise I would be twice featured in the October issue of Quilt Now (out in UK this week). The theme this issue is 'Single Block' designs.

First up, Dissected blocks:

My Projects in Quilt Now Oct15

I thought, 'what would happen if you take a traditional block and pull it apart!' (sad, the places my mind goes!).

'Dissected block' wallhanging

First I created a mini quilt (30" x 30") based on a dissected 'churn dash' block.

The old grey matter kept smokin' and out came 2 more blocks which I turned into cushions.

L-R: Courthouse Steps, Grandmother's Cross
Keeping to a Kona Snow background with a limited colour palette helps achieve the effect of the dissected blocks.

Next up, Moroccan Mix Table Runner and Trivet:


I actually made this first, back in May.

Inspired by the 'Antique Tile' block I started pulling fabrics that I thought would represent the depth of colour in Moroccan Tiles. The trivet was simply an after-thought, using up the leftovers!!

Moroccan Mix Table Runner & Trivet

I hope you don't mind me sharing my publications here!  I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet - it's just so nice to finally be able to show you stuff I've made which I've had to keep under wraps for a bit!

And just to give you some warning - there are lots more publications in the pipeline!!

Jude xo


  1. You are very justified in blowing your own trumpet!! My package arrived today, thank you so much, I'm looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa to enjoy my magazine and some therapeutic colouring!

  2. Dear Judith, these are adroable pillows! We come here to see what you have made so don't ever hesitate to show everything you are sewing! We blow the trumpets with you! x Teje

  3. Blow away my dear, much deserved. Can't wait to see what else you have had up your sleeve.

  4. I love seeing all of your features, they're always sew wonderful!

  5. Fabulous makes and loving the dissected block idea. I will be applying that sooner or later, I am sure. x

  6. These are both great, good for you! And I just picked up a copy of Popular Patchwork and you are in there too!! Blanket coverage this month ;)

  7. You could never bore me - love those dissected blocks!!


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